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  • Dylan Tang

數位吸貓 Twitter的貓貓點擊盃你玩了嗎?/ Click it, POPCAT is trending and your cat is watching

根據農委會動物保護資訊網的資料顯示,台灣有登記的貓貓有 645,141 隻。等於每一百人就有近3個人擁有一隻貓。由此可見台灣人飼養這個從埃及開始就被奉為神的動物情有獨鍾。

最近社群媒體 Twitter 上開始舉辦了一場名為 “貓貓點擊盃”(POPCAT) 的全球大賽。只要點擊滑鼠就能夠獲得積分,而積分排名也會隨著隨時浮動,就像是看奧運比賽一樣刺激。但若每三個台灣人就有一個人養貓,為什麼排名還是無法稱霸世界冠軍呢?難道是台灣人真的駑鈍到非得摸到真貓不可的地步?用社群媒體玩貓的替代方案都想不到嗎?

根據 WebMD的報導指出,飼養寵物擁有舒緩情緒的功能,而且寵物有放鬆的作用。 撫摸或撫摸動物可以改善您的情緒。 「觸摸有助於增加催產素濃度並減少皮質醇,這是惡名昭彰的壓力相關荷爾蒙」即使是貓發出的咕嚕聲也能讓人感到舒緩。Fort Wayne 的Life Coach Desiree Wiercyski 這樣表示。



According to the Pets Registration Information System, there are 645,141 cats registered in Taiwan. That means nearly three people own a cat and it shows that Taiwanese

really care about this creature which is a god in ancient Egypt.

No matter how you think of cats, Twitter has launched a game called POPCAT. It's a game that you only need to click on, and then you can get points. The points ranking will fluctuate at any time, just as exciting as watching an Olympic game. But if one out of every three Taiwanese owns a cat, why can't the ranking still be the world champion? Is it true that Taiwanese people are so dull that they have to touch real cats? Can't they think of alternatives to playing cats with social media?

Base on an article from WebMD, have a pet can help you calm and relax.

Pets have a relaxing effect. Petting or stroking an animal can improve your mood. "Touch helps increase oxytocin levels and reduces cortisol, the infamous stress-related hormone," Wiercyski says. Even the sound of a cat purring can be soothing. (Desiree Wiercyski, a life coach in Fort Wayne, IN.)

Therefore, no matter how gloomy your life is, as long as you connect with pets, even if it is only digitally, you may be able to relieve your melancholy mood differently. And you can also take the opportunity to get a ranking to achieve a win-win effect between playing cats and playing video games!


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