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  • Dylan Tang

【Cover Story】Dori Sakurada, A Man Bursts Into Flames Like Starlight/ 櫻田通 宛如無垠宇宙中的星光

On the day of shooting, Dori Sakurada arrived at the shoot in his casual look. Because of the pandemic, we could only watch Dori's exquisite face on the screen in Taipei, but the charm of his gestures in the studio still showed through the computer. What did he show to us from the photography editorial shooting? He gave us outstanding photos and showcased how Japanese actor's work with persistence and a professional attitude towards every detail.

"Life may not all be interesting either subjectively and objectively, but I will live positively.” -Dori Sakurada

Being an actor, Dori Sakurada has had the challenge of many different roles. Among them, Coffee and Vanilla opened up his popularity in Asia and left an important mark on his life. "The character Hiroto Fukami in Coffee and Vanilla is a very handsome man that I can't compare with. So before the shooting, during the shooting, and even after the shooting, I have many been in an uneasy mood. But with this work, I also had a lot of challenges and encountered a lot of new opportunities. It is an impressive and important work for me." Because of this TV series, Dori Sakurada has grown his fame across Asia, even touching every corner of the world that loves Japanese culture. This drastic change made his life different; therefore, how he enjoys life is different. "Life may not all be interesting either subjectively and objectively, but I will live positively. I think sadness is also a necessary experience, and I look forward to wonderful encounters and work in life." Sakurada said.

Unlike other occupations, people who work in the entertainment industry are full of emotions. Whether it is youthfulness when debuting, passion when pursuing breakthroughs, or the positive process of striving to change after getting a position in this industry. There is always a moment when you touch something for the first time.

“Whether you appear in a work you really want to participate in, or appear in the same work with a particularly important friend, when I see the finished product and people appreciate it, then I am pleased. Furthermore, I will be happy if I can perform with my friends who debuted with me at the same time." Sakurada said it with a smile, and his answer is really surprising because it seems to him that his affection is more important than focusing on self-satisfaction.

"An actor isn't just a person who is acting. Being an actor is supplying the feeling that I've not experienced through my own life experience and emotion. Then people can evaluate my value." - Dori Sakurada

Unfortunately, we can't discuss the theme, CARPE DIEM UNITED, with Sakurada in person. Through his words and sincere expression in front of the camera it makes it easy to understand that he is a person who values ​​interaction with people and is honest with himself. Dori Sakurada is about to enter his thirties and has also realised his principles from his past. "Let your heart lead your mind. Please let me explain it a little bit. It means don't be afraid of unnecessary principles; never imprisoning and lying to yourself. What I want to do is make the right choices according to my own wishes." Facing his life after the age of 30, he hopes to have more challenges. "Many of my friends have already entered their 30s. From seeing what are they doing. I realised I can't do the same things as I did in my 20s. So I hope I can face more challenges in the future."

"I want to find and feel many forms of love before I die." - Dori Sakurada

Taking off the actor's mask, Sakurada usually likes to bathe in the house to reset himself, but instead of using the term reset, it is better to say that he cherishes his time more. "I enjoy having dinner with my friends. But basically, I like watching YouTube and reading e-book comics at home. I also like taking a bath." He also described what his friends look like to us. "Most of my friends are quiet and quietly do their own things."

The way he describes his friends makes us feel that he cherishes friendship more than others. In addition, we might also surmise that is how he feels about love because love has many different forms. "I think this is the driving force of life. I want to find and feel many forms of love before I die."

Talking with Dori Sakurada, the definition of time seems to be irrelevant. For him, acting is life, and life is the accumulation of experience. How does Sakurada defines the English word life? He said, "I think it means eating a lot of delicious food with your loved ones. They can feel happy. I can wear my favourite clothes, listen to soothing music, and see the wonderful scenery." While asking about his past, he said straightforwardly, "To be honest, there must be regrets and some emotions that I don't want to face. But only through these and by understanding myself is the way to be me at the moment. If you want to say that this is moment of happiness then I think these are all necessary experiences."



TEXT/ Dylan Tang

FASHION/ Kei Shibata


HMUA/ Shizuka Wada

VIDEO/ Howard Chin

DESIGN/ Shuian Hsu



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