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三次元感受 英倫新秀 Alfie Templeman推新單曲/ Alfie Templeman reveals brand new single 3D FEELINGS


今年才18歲的英國歌手 Alfie Templeman 才剛在年初推出專輯《Forever Isn’t Long Enough》,卻又在不到一年的時間推出新單曲《3D Feelings》這難道就是這個新世代人們的特質嗎?處處給人驚喜!


聽著歌詞,我相信這首能讓人投射在自己處在的任何狀況。例如副歌就是這樣唱的:「You give me 3 dimensional feelings, thought that I was just dreaming, can't keep up with them all. I see 3 dimensional feelings, bouncing off of the ceiling, coming off of the wall」這段文字不管要將自己投射在愛情、親情、朋友,還是人生的任何狀況,好像都說得過去。

或許為了這首歌被曲解原意 Alfie Templeman 也親自為這首歌做解釋:「 3D FEELINGS 是關於以不同的方式提醒過去的自己。無論是對物件還是對人,我們都可能有似曾相識(deja vu)的感覺。我們會想起我們曾經的感受,而這些感覺只會越來越深刻,你完全無法去控制。它可能是欣慰的體驗,亦可能是痛苦的,但無論是哪種體驗也好,它都會讓您重返當初、身臨其境,這種感受十分強大。」


儘管歌曲節奏輕快、甚至有些重拍,但卻不能阻止這首歌想要帶出探索自我反思、情感依戀以及多面情感的背後意義。《3D Feelings》帶給你的意義是什麼呢?是否能將單向的情感輸出變成3D 維度的精彩?不管真相如何,聽完這首歌後應該要像 Alfie Templeman 說的一樣,「酷酷的就好」。人生嘛,哪有什麼困難的。

「其實 3D FEELINGS 這首歌眨個眼就出爐了,是我與 Will Bloomfield 的即興創作,我們找到一個非常好的和弦讓我獨奏,之後當場就製作了結他前奏。 隨後 Justin Young 便建議我配上酷酷的歌詞,意外地整首歌十分流暢,而且唱起來真的很有趣。」


Music is in common with each generation; For example, we can roughly use different genres of music to recognise which era it came from. Besides, people's playlists can also distinguish what kind of personality they are. However, can an 18-year-old man understand what the power of music is? Well, I bet one man can certainly answer it.

Alfie Templeman, a British singer, who is only 18 years old, he just released his debut album "Forever Isn't Long Enough" at the beginning of the year. However, less than 365 days, he has now released a new single, "3D Feelings". What a surprise! or maybe it's the next generation's thing. "Don't need to follow the rules. Just be free."

Project Your Emotion On Something Is Okay

When you do play this song and follow the lyrics, I bet people can project on whatever situation they are in. For example, the chorus is sung like this: "You give me 3 dimensional feelings, thought that I was just dreaming, can't keep up with them all. I see 3 dimensional feelings, bouncing off of the ceiling, coming off of the wall" No matter whether you want to project yourself on love, family, friends, or any situation in life, this passage seems reasonable.

Yet, what does this song really mean? Alfie Templeman explains: "3D Feelings" is about being reminded of your past self in different ways. Whether it's objects or people, these are all things we feel a deja vu experience from. We get reminded of feelings we once felt through them, and those feelings just hit you and can't be controlled. It can be a comforting experience, or a painful one, but either way it takes you back immediately to that feeling you once felt and that can be so powerful."

Relax, Just Relax

What does "3D Feelings" bring to you? Is it possible to turn one-way emotional output into a 3D dimension? Regardless of the truth, after listening to this song, you should be like the deeper meaning of this song, "Just Relax."

"The song came together so quickly as a fun jam between Will Bloomfield & I, the opening guitar lick was made up on the spot after we found a really nice chord progression for me to solo over. Justin Young then inspired me to write some really cool lyrics for this one, they flow so effortlessly and they're really fun to sing." - Alfie Templeman

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