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  • Dylan Tang

無法取代的青春《青春弒戀》為畢業生獻上祝福/ Young and Marvellous, Terrorizers’ show a heartfelt video

朋友 一生一起走 那些日子 不再有 一句話 一輩子

一生情 一杯酒

朋友 不曾孤單過 一聲朋友 你會懂

還有傷 還有痛

還要走 還有我



© 電影《青春弒戀》提供
© 電影《青春弒戀》提供


「無論怎麼樣,做你自己就是最青春的自己。你的人生就會永遠都很青春,永遠都不會有結束的一天。」- 林柏宏
© 電影《青春弒戀》提供
© 電影《青春弒戀》提供


「好好享受這個過程,然後就會長大了。」- 林哲熹


Let's back to 1997. It's the year that Wakin Chau released his famous song Friends. Since then, this song about friendship has been played countless time while there's a graduation ceremony. I still remember the excitement of attending the graduation ceremony when I was young and discussing my future with my friends. However, those seemingly relaxing memories have added some difficulties this year due to the pandemic.

Therefore, Austin Lin and J.C. Lin, the two main actors in the film Terrorizers, gave some words to the graduate.

Austin Lin said "You may be confused about the future and when you graduate. But the graduation I remember is a happy moment because I want to turn to the next page. Especially when I graduate from university, I am delighted that I can concentrate do what I want to do, and I look forward to starting a new life as an "actor"."

"No matter what, being yourself is the most youthful thing. Your life will always be young and marvellous, and it will never be an end." - Austin Lin

In addition, J.C. Lin also expressed encouragement to the graduates. He said, "I think graduation maybe caused the complicated and joyful feeling. Because, no matter when, the uncertain future is not an easy thing. However, sometimes can be a little excited. I think the future is where you can show what you can do. You may feel afraid that everything is just in vain, but still, it worth giving a shout!"

"Enjoy this moment; then, you will grow up." - J.C. Lin


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