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  • Dylan Tang

林哲熹出任嘉裕西服2020秋冬形象廣告/ CARNIVAL presented AW20 Campaign with J.C. Lin





林哲熹去年因為演出《我們與惡的距離》而爆紅,今年也以《女鬼橋》盤踞台灣2020上半年票房冠軍,近期更以《愛的廣義相對論》成為每個人討論的話題。因此 CARNIVAL嘉裕這次特地攜手林哲熹演繹最新的正裝服飾,要讓他多變的螢幕形象及高人氣為消費者帶來耳目一新的秋冬紳裝感受。




The weather in Taiwan is more likely as known as the T-shirt weather. However, when the rainy and gloomy winter is coming. Gentlemen seem like be aroused to dress decently and more formal in the street. Therefore, during the winter the suit and tie market has always reached another peak in Taiwan.

CARNIVAL has established in Taiwan for more than 50 years. Hence, to discuss which brand is the most suitable for Taiwanese gentlemen, it seems that only CARNIVAL can fulfil their demand. Now, if you want to build your own perfect look, finding a brand that knows you better, perhaps is the priority.

The New Gens Are Here

Last year, Taiwan's movies and dramas are remarkable and unforgettable. There are many New Gens start to catch everyone's eyes and rooted in their mind.

J.C. Lin gains his fame due to his performance in "The World Between Us ". This year his "The Bridge Curse" also won Taiwan's box office champion in the first half of 2020. Furthermore, his leading role at "Memory Eclipse" even make his name on everyone's page. Therefore, CARNIVAL's autumn/winter 2020 campaign asked J.C. Lin to participate. His flawless look alongside with formal wear, just makes him be the most wanted boy in this world.

Not Just A Pretty Face

No one likes an actor just looking good. Hence, J.C. Lin this tie also put his points of view of fashion to everyone. "I like to try different styles and find the most comfortable wear for my look according to the atmosphere of different occasions." At the same time, he also said that he is very happy to be the ambassador of the CARNIVAL. He also mentioned he personally like the Prince of Wales grid used in this autumn and winter. The light-coloured base is matched with dark lines, and the houndstooth pattern, thin lines, etc. are spectacular! He also recommended for everyone to cut with a narrow collar and a three-dimensional waist. The chest lining and shoulder pads are made of lightweight materials to show a slim profile and perfect proportions.


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