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  • Dylan Tang

家的意義?張軒睿的轉型之作/ Visitors, a surmount work from Derek Chang’s career







《訪客》-當家人竟是訪客,情人卻是陌生人,雙手擁抱看似美好甜蜜, 但是其實卻是殘酷現實?當熟悉的一切都分崩離析,「家」的意義又剩下什麼?


This year, Taiwan's entertainment industry is outstanding, or you can say, it's a life-saving pill for industrial workers who have been in a downturn. But apart from the good results of the film industry, what about the TV industry? Is it possible that only the big screen can reflect outstanding results? Is there no way for the television industry to make new tricks?

In the past, PTV's dramas were fresh and refined, reflecting the society as the mainstay. This kind of strategy and product direction has allowed this TV channel to have a neutral vision and a higher position in Taiwan. However, in order to attract more people's attention and rush to gain more ratings, the transformation seems to be necessary to reflect reality.

Adapted from the work of the same name by Taiwanese internet novelist Toby Bao, the series "Visitor" is based on a parallel time-space theme that is rarely seen in the history of Taiwanese TV. It is also starred by actor Derek Chang.

In this case, it's not difficult to say that PTV really wants to conquer the younger market, but in the meantime, PTV also to transform the stereotype that audience's impression.

Emotionally fall apart

Derek Chang, a 27 years old actor, gives people the feeling of a boy next door whether in front of the camera or in private. Therefore, facing many psychological plots, it can be said to be a big challenge for him in his acting career. However, from another perspective, this may be an opportunity for the actor's career transformation, and it is more likely to stabilize the title of a real actor. Not just a boy has a beautiful face.

During the interview, Derek Chang mentioned 'I usually took roles with a more easygoing personality, so this role was very challenging for me. But it also made me feel that I can come into contact with more different types of roles in the future.'


When your family feels like a visitor, the lover is a stranger. Embracing with both hands seems sweet and sweet, but it is a cruel reality? When everything familiar falls apart, what is left of the meaning of "home"?


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