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  • Dylan Tang

王柏傑,成熟穩重的白馬王子/ Po-Chieh WANG, a contemporary mature prince charming


對許多人而言,這位31歲的台灣演員從九降風發跡之後,他的純熟演技就在每個人的心中留下永遠不能抹滅的深刻印象。但在這個五光十色的演藝圈中,要保有自己的赤子之心並不是件簡單的事。因此,給自己休息一段時間後的柏傑,透過 Netflix的《罪夢者》影集再次亮眼整個演藝圈。或許這就是所謂「天才是靠百分之九十九的努力,以及百分之一的天份」吧。王柏傑,這位天生的白馬王子並不只是空有外表的花瓶,他的實力以及兼容並蓄的個性,都在他三十出頭的前段把自己的格局拉到另一個層次。

王柏傑以《罪夢者》入圍最第55屆金鐘獎迷你劇男配角,他身穿整套 GIORGIO ARMANI 晚禮服步上第55屆金鐘獎星光大道。黑與白的搭配呈現出王柏傑的優雅,而蓄鬍的造型提升了他成熟穩重的態度,儼然就是當代的白馬王子。或許這就是時間帶給我們的考驗以及淬煉。王柏傑不僅通過了人生第一個黃金十年的考驗,更進化成一位能夠審視自己內心的成熟大人。



Speaking of Po-Chieh WANG, what's the first thought in your mind? A young actor with a good-looking appearance, a young man with a powerful attitude, or a prince charming in everyone's mind?

For many people, this 31-year-old Taiwanese actor made his fortune from the movie 'Winds of September'. His proficient acting skills left a deep impression on everyone's heart that could never be erased. But in this industry, it is not easy to keep your faith. Therefore, after he giving himself a me-time for a while, Po-Chieh once again impressed the entire world through Netflix's "Nowhere People" series. Perhaps this is the so-called "Genius depends on 99% of hard work and 1% of talent." Po-Chieh, the natural prince charming is not just an empty vase, his strength and inclusive personality have brought him to another level in his early thirties.

Po-Chieh WANG was shortlisted for the 55th Golden Bell Awards mini-series supporting actor with "Nowhere People". He wore a full GIORGIO ARMANI tuxedo on the red carpet. The combination of black and white presents his's elegance. His beard style also ​enhances his mature and steady attitude, making him a contemporary prince charming.​ Perhaps this is the test and refinement that 'time' brings us. Po-Chieh WANG is not only passed the test of the first golden decade of his life but also evolved into a mature adult who can see through his own heart.

Who said Prince Charming can only save the princess? Today's Po-Chieh is not just a cliche prince charming, but to become a cross-age superstar on the road to becoming a king.

Photos courtesy of Carnival Industrial Corp. 嘉裕西服


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