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陳庭妮、劉冠廷客製手札刺繡大玩Coach Forever系列/ The handwritten note from Stuart Vever

為了彰顯品牌樂觀正向的態度與精湛的匠心工藝,2021春季Coach Forever系列將創意總監Stuart Vevers手記中活潑有趣的文字,轉化成充滿溫度的客製化刺繡,完美地將全新、復古與經典設計沉浸於童趣氛圍之中。於發售日當天,Coach更為了展現對生態環境的責任與品牌核心,特意邀請到品牌好朋友陳庭妮與劉冠廷現身,為自己設計專屬限定刺繡T-shirt,一同打造專屬自己的春季玩味風格。

原就身為模特兒的陳庭妮與時尚新寵兒劉冠廷穿著最新春季系列現身,陳庭妮一席充滿春日氛圍的印花洋裝搭配平時最愛的刺繡風衣陳庭妮並表示:「洋裝的色彩融合大地及自然色調,呼應了系列回歸自然意境的概念;其經典風衣外套上的手縫刺繡來自COACH 執行創意總監Stuart Vevers 手札日記,那充滿溫度的刺繡彷彿春天的陽光般溫暖。」而平時喜愛簡潔風格的劉冠廷在穿上手縫刺繡粉色毛衣後忍不住驚呼:「第一次覺得粉色這麼適合男生!愛上了這種充滿童趣的穿搭風格。」除此之外,陳庭妮更透露自己最推薦的春日單品是源自六零年代的Swinger印花單肩包,小巧又充足的包內空間,讓喜愛輕鬆春夏穿搭的她愛不釋手。




In order to demonstrate the brand’s optimistic and positive attitude and exquisite craftsmanship, the Spring 2021 Coach Forever collection transforms the lively and interesting words in the handwritten notes of creative director Stuart Vevers into customized embroidery full of temperature, perfectly combining new, retro and classic designs into childlike atmosphere. On the day of sale, Coach even more demonstrated its responsibility to the ecological environment and the core of the brand, specially invited brand friends Annie Chen and Bob Liu to show up to design exclusive limited embroidery T-shirts for themselves, create their spring fun style.

Annie, who was originally a model, and Bob Liu, the new fashion icon, are wearing the latest spring collection today... Annie dressed in a spring-like printed dress with her favourite embroidered trench coat. She said "The colour of the dress blends with the earth and natural tones, echoing the collection. Returning to the concept of natural artistic conception; the hand-stitched embroidery on its classic trench coat comes from the handwritten diary of COACH executive creative director Stuart Vevers. The embroidery with temperature is as warm as the spring sunshine." Bob, who usually loves simple style, couldn't help but exclaimed after putting on the hand-stitched embroidered pink sweater: "The first time I think pink is so suitable for boys! I fell in love with this childlike style of dressing." Annie also revealed that her most recommended spring item is the Swinger printed shoulder bag from the 1960s. The compact and ample space in the bag makes her a casual wearer to put it down.

Annie and Bob not only shared the creative design of embroidered T-shirts, but also unanimously chose rainbow patterns and embroidered their own initials on the embroidered T-shirts. Bob said: "I saw the rainbow pattern at first, because the rainbow pattern is very cute, and it also symbolizes the beautiful meaning of the weather after the rain." Annie said: "I hope that the lazy life will be more colourful. This symbolizes that life can be more colourful. It's like a beautiful rainbow."

Coach’s T-shirt limited embroidery customization service launched today, whether it’s embroidery position, embroidery thread colour, initials (in English capital), or embroidered all selectable patterns, all are available for everyone to conceive and combine. Play creatively with clothes. As long as you purchase a limited T-shirt at a designated COACH store, you can enjoy the limited patterns and text hand-sewn by the embroidery craftsman for free. If you want to get started, don’t miss it!


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