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  • Josh Lin

經歷、磨損、再生,Dunhill 2021春夏系列/Dunhill Abrasion Capsule Collection

Dunhill在2021春夏系列對服裝提出了新的觀點:「實用性和精緻性」,並在系列將“ 80年代”風格的演變達到巔峰;新浪漫主義與輕鬆的日式風格和意大利的剪裁以及品牌悠久而永恆的英國剪裁傳統相互結合,反映了Dunhill在「過去」、「現在」和「未來」的系列中的所經歷以及期望。

Dunhill借鑒了品牌悠久的汽車歷史,並推出了Abrasion Capsule系列。系列以汽車面板上去除油漆時所剝落和自然現象作為啟發,為獨特的鏽蝕紋理重新構思為品牌獨家印花,映現與眾不同的汽車生活。並且將這些銅綠轉換為靛藍,深紅色和黃色等鮮豔色彩,詮釋於本系列的男裝和配飾;包括品牌標誌性的Rollagas打火機、可雙面穿的飛行員夾克、印花短袖襯衫。


Dunhill put a new perspective on clothing in the 2021 spring and summer collection "utility and elegance". In the collection, the evolution of the "80s" style reached its peak, ie. the brand's timeless British tailoring tradition combined with neo-romanticism, Japanese iconic comfort style and Italian tailoring. Those component reflecting Dunhill's experience and expectations in the "past", "present" and "future" collection.

Dunhill draws on the brand's historical automotive history and launched the Abrasion Capsule collection. The collection is inspired by natural phenomena when the paint is removed from the car panel, and the unique corroded texture is reimagined as the brand's exclusive printing, reflecting the unique car life. Converting these patinas into bright colours such as indigo, crimson and yellow, which are interpreted in the men's clothing and accessories of this series; including the brand's iconic Rollagas lighter, reversible bomber jackets, and printed short-sleeved shirts.


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