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新一代華語天王 周興哲的穿搭術/ The New King of Chinese Pop, Eric Chou’s fashion born this way



© Berluti x 周興哲
© Berluti x 周興哲

如果平時也有在關心周興哲的動向,那麼在最新的MV 《愛我的時候 When You Loved Me》中,他身穿法國時裝品牌 Berluti 與陶瓷藝術家 Brian Rochefort 合作的時裝系列,應該也讓你印象深刻。畢竟以一襲灰色格紋金箔西裝套裝和印花襯衫出現在畫面中的紳士風範,都讓這首歌在提升到另一個層次。

© Sandro Homme x 周興哲
© Sandro Homme x 周興哲

此外,周興哲最近在拍攝單曲時,也穿了另一個法國時裝品牌 Sandro Homme 2021春夏系列。說不定法國的時尚才是這位臺灣新天王的心之所向也不一定。

© Fendi x 周興哲
© Fendi x 周興哲

但說到周興哲最近一次在舞台上的表演,還是不能不提在天后Jolin 的演唱會最終場時的表現。他身穿全身FENDI 春夏21系列白色西裝 搭配 FENDI LOGO設計短靴,一展現性感王子魅力。

你喜歡哪一種周興哲?Berluti 的周興哲?Sandro Homme 的周興哲?還是跟來自義大利的Fendi友聯的周興哲?


No matter how annoying the pandemic is, you still have to find a way to keep yourself optimistic. Whether you do exercise, clean home, or listen to music, as long as you don't get bored and get sick, it's a good way to protect your mental health.

The rising star Eric Chou, who debuted in 2014, has to continue to make different achievements, making people feel that there may be a saviour in the Chinese music industry. After all, he only entered this field less than ten years, but he is one of the singers with over 100 million MV views alongside Jay Chou and G.E.M.

If you ever follow Eric Chou, then in the latest MV, When You Loved Me, you will notice that he wears a French fashion brand Berluti. What he wore is a collection collaborate with artist Brian Rochefort. Bedsides, his total look is alongside a suit fusion with grey and gold, which gave him an urban gentleman's vibe.

In addition, Eric Chou also wore another French fashion brand for another music video shooting. Eric wore Sandro Homme's spring/summer 2021 collection; from this embarkment, perhaps we can say French fashion is his favourite.

However, if we are want to talk about Eric Chou's charm on the stage, we shall not miss his latest performance with Jolin Tsai. He wore FENDI's SS21 collection at the diva's concert, showing he isn't a mister charming but also a mister sexy.

Which Eric do you like? Eric with Berluti? Eric with Sandro Homme? Or Eric, who Italian Fashion house, Fendi?


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