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  • Dylan Tang

神祕的性感魅力 傅孟柏在《愛的奧特萊斯》演繹四色正裝 / The Love's Outlet or we call it Meng-Po’s Fashion Closet?

傅孟柏在通訊軟體LINE的串流平台 LINE TV上為《愛的奧特萊斯》出演一位神祕的業務。在這部專為手機螢幕打造的直式影集中,這位金鐘視帝不僅散發成熟魅力,更一連換上四套不同顏色的正裝展現熟男性感。



每集3分鐘的輕快節奏,讓觀眾隨時都可以利用時間爽快追劇!《愛的奧特萊斯》共50集,週一至週五中午12點半於LINE TV與LINE TV貼文串上映。


Meng-Po FU starred in a mysterious series for The Love's Outlet on LINE TV. In this portrait scale designed series, the Golden Bell Best Actor exudes mature charm and shows his masculinity in four colour suits.

Which colour do you think fit Meng-Po? Or should we ask, which one do you think is most suitable for this mystery salesman who exchanges the wisdom of life with people for love?

"This show often breaks in the most anxious and curious place every day. Especially it causes the most heartfelt feeling on Friday because The Love's Outlets doesn't open on weekends. If you haven't watched it yet, the story is coming to an end soon. It's about time to engage the drama to avoid spoiled by your friends." - Meng-Po FU

Director Andrew Chien also leaks the news that the story of enjoyment will be getting higher. It will not disappoint the audience, and hopefully, this Taiwanese original series will be successfully promoted to overseas.

The Love's Outlets is a series that each episode only around 3 minutes. A total of 50 episodes of The Love's Outlets will be stream on LINE TV at 12:30 pm from Monday to Friday.


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