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Meng-Po Fu, The Philosophy of Being Perfect/ 傅孟柏 超越滿分的哲學

"If I could only bring one book and one album to the future,

I would take the Bible and "YES" by Pet Shop Boys"

Meng-Po Fu said that if he could only bring one book and one album to the future, he would take the Bible and "YES" by Pet Shop Boys. This question made him think for a long time, but after thinking deeply, he responded firmly.

During the interview, the 33-year-old exuded gentle and elegant vibes. Still, carefully recalling his work, every role is well-known, and perhaps it may explain why he has an irreplaceable position in the industry.

"Your attitude defines your altitude and success is not an accident"

In order to understand Meng-Po Fu, you have to study film intensively. Furthermore, you have to have your own point of view. He said that he was not a Christian, but the short stories in the "Bible" made him think about many things. Besides, he said that Pet Shop Boys's "YES" was the first album he bought, and that's why when he travelled along The Camino de Santiago in Spain he purposely tried to find the vinyl version of this album. I still remember that at a certain brand event, Meng-Po Fu said that he likes to enjoy every detail in life. And that personality of innocence and romance makes him a refined spirit in the entertainment industry.

Talking about his philosophy of life, he said" "Your attitude defines your altitude and success is not an accident" Because for him, the so-called altitude is not the achievement of his career, nor the amount of money you make, but your respect for your life. As for the altitude, it belongs to yourself, not to others. Because we only live once, that’s why you have to respect your own life."

"Each of my characters represents a part of my soul"

Regarding life, Meng-Po Fu felt that there is no special reason to respect life because his willpower to do everything with his mind is very strong "It''s difficult to answer which role of mine is the most impressive, because every character I have played has represents a part of my soul, and I feel as if I say which one I prefer, I will feel sorry for the other character I have performed.” So, after adjusting the form of the question, he answered that the work that changed him the most was "Father to Son", for which he was nominated the Best New Performer at the 55th Golden Horse Awards.

This film not only gave him a nomination at the Golden Horse Awards but also because of his curiosity, he solved his doubts about acting. "I remember I asked the judges why I was nominated for the Golden Horse Awards? At that time, I only got the answer which was "Why not? You are so relaxing". However, I felt that I was not really performing in it, but this may be the reason why I was nominated!" Meng-Po also said" "In fact, this is a way of acting that I found subsequently, because I found that when I relax more off the camera then I will concentrate more in front of everyone." This sort of performance mode is not only unique, it also surprised the director of "I Missed You".

During the filming of "I Missed You", Meng-Po Fu looked like a boy next door when he wasn’t acting. He is full of curiosity about everything and would chat with other actors and the crew in private. Such behaviour is not as simple as killing time. For him, everything is accumulating life energy so that it can be released when needed. "As long as I keep accumulating my life experience and energy, when the opportunity comes, these can be used. Even if I feel down, these frustrations are my power. I think it is better to think like this. And many times, you will unconsciously release the pressures of life in your performance. Besides and more importantly, I will not let myself be at a low point for too long."

"When I reach the peak, I still have to prepare for the next one"

Causal relationships are everywhere. For Meng-Po Fu, being nominated for the Golden Horse Awards and winning the Best Actor at the Golden Bell Awards is just a moment in his life. He believes that the winner is actually chosen because there are different preferences from the judges.

There is still a long way to go in our journey. Each of us is working hard for our dreams every day. There may be a distance from the peak, but your life will have a new challenge when you reach the next path. Possibly life is just like Meng-Po Fu said "When I reach the peak, I still have to prepare for the next one. Such as when I am in my 50s or 60s, acting will be just another thing. I will still have different challenges to overcome."



All content is in TAIKER Magazine ISSUE08







Assistant/ Josh LIN


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