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  • Dylan Tang

XOXO 花邊教主重啟是否能再成潮流話題?/ Spotted, Will Gossip Girls be hot again?

XOXO You Know You Love Me, Gossip Girl.

曾在2007年引起風潮的電視影集花邊教主(GossipGirl) 班將要重啟後,不論在選角還是原班人馬是否回歸都造成話題。不論你支持新版還是原本,正式播出後還是得親自觀看後,才能在心中下個結論吧?這次的故事設定是延續2012年十二月撥出最終集的延伸。雖然熟悉的角色沒出現,他們的名字還是時不時地出現在角色對白中,而且不拖泥帶水的節奏、時尚、性與愛,及角色間的衝突 Drama 仍貫穿整齣戲劇,看完後應該也不會給太低的評價。




八位角色 八種個性

Thomas Doherty

Max Wolfe: Freedom(自由)

Eli Brown

Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV: Privilege(特權)

Evan Mock

Akeno “Aki” Menzies: Innocence(單純)

Jordan Alexander

Julien Calloway: Influence(影響力)

Whitney Peak

Zoya Lott: Perspective(富有觀點)

Savannah Lee Smith

Monet de Haan: Power(力量)

Zión Moreno

Luna La: Style(時髦)

Emily Alyn Lind

Audrey Hope: Grace(優雅)


XOXO You Know You Love Me, Gossip Girl.

The TV series Gossip Girl class was a hot topic since it first showed in 2007. However, when it reboots in 2021, will it still take place as the original one? Whether you support the new version or the original version, you still have to watch it before you judge it, right?

The story setting is an extension of the final episode set aside in December 2012. Although the familiar characters do not appear, their names still appear in the dialogues from time to time. The non-sloppy temple, fashion, sex and love, and the drama between the characters still runs through the entire show. Therefore, give it a chance, aforementioned, don't judge a book by its cover.

The background of the story of the Gossip Girl is set in a private high school in the Upper East Side of New York. Here, besides academic competition with (rich) elites, it is necessary to practice intrigue in the workplace. After all, these people are born to be intelligent in what they suppose to good at it.

To not make too much comparison between the new version and the original version of Gossip Girl. This time, the role setting is more clear and more in line with the thinking of young people. Haven't say that, but who still do deeper thinking? People in this generation are kind of keen to get a result but not take a second thought. Am I right?

Therefore, from the simple and clear character, personality told by the screenwriter, may it will be more straightforward to tell you will like it or not.


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