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  • Dylan Tang

FANDY’S DNA 不一樣的范少勳/ Re-introduce to you, Fandy Fan unveiled his DNA to you

常聽人家說演而優則唱,但這個演藝圈規則似乎無法套用在正如火如荼展開演藝事業的范少勳身上。2020年的最後一個月,范少勳舉辦了自己人生中的首次個展《FANDY’S DNA》並展現出從未揭露在公開場合中,他內心最藝術家的一面。


在《FANDY’S DNA》的展覽中出現了許多手工製作的作品,而這次最吸睛的產品不外乎就是最大的劍龍模型,但在製作前期少勳並沒那麼順利,因此他也跟母親討教了一些關於手作的祕訣。范少勳說:「我喜歡手作一些東西,可能是來自於媽媽的影響,因為家裡許多東西都是媽媽親手製作,所以看到她這樣手工製作,讓我也覺得我想要試試看。」




范少勳身穿Louis Vuitton/ Fandy Fan wore Louis Vuitton





We often hear people say "A good actor may know how to sing". But this stereotype for the entertainment industry seems unable to apply to Fandy Fan. In the last month of 2020, Fandy held his first solo exhibition 'FANDY'S DNA' and showed his innermost artistic side that has never unveiled in public.

Inheritance of family genes

There are many crafts in the exhibition, and the most eye-catching product has to go for the largest stegosaurus model. However, nothing is easy at the beginning. For accomplished this dinosaur, Fandy did not go so well in the early stage of production, so he asked his mother for advice. "The reason why I like craftmanship it may because of my mother's influence. Due to many things at home are made by my mother, seeing her hand-made in this way makes me think I want to try it."

范少勳身穿Louis Vuitton/ Fandy Fan wore Louis Vuitton

FANDY's whimsical world

This exhibition took Fandy three weeks from the brainstorming till the end. For him, the process of curating this exhibition seemed to make himself a director. "I feel that after I started thinking about it this time, I felt like I am a director. That starting from the theme then how to implement each idea. Such as how to present the whole circumstances, inheritance and transformation, and what can be elevated to the exhibition. Hence it's a bit like telling a story by myself, and I feel a little sense of accomplishment after I finish it."

In this exhibition, you will see Fandy Fan's first photography collection by film camera in his life. Besides, you can also see the giant sculptures he has worked so hard to create for his dreamy dinosaur. Perhaps we can explain that this is Fandy's romance while he is not acting. For him, acting allows people to see his professional side in front of the camera. Yet when he takes off the clothes of the public figures, behind the camera, he is an artist who fulls of sentiment for the details of life.

Fandy Fan, the 27-year-old actor, fully revealed his DNA and generously invited everyone who is still passionate about art, life, and dreams to join his fantasy world.

Immense gratitude

Fandy graduated from Muzha Vocational High School. He indeed used the professional skills that he acquired during his studies for this exhibition. He specifically mentioned that his teacher gave him a lot of suggestions for his first solo this exhibition. And because he learned the skills of operating professional machines when he was a student. Therefore, his teacher undoubtedly let him use them even he graduated years ago. Furthermore, some of the material at 'Fandy's DNA' is provided by his teacher. For that reason, at this exhibition, we do not only feel Fandy's but heartful by his immense gratitude to where he began his artistic journey.

"I am very grateful to my teacher at Muzha Vocational High School."- Fandy Fan


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