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陳鋭 金馬獎中的音樂精靈/ Ray Chen, the music wizard of the 57th GHA



大部分而言,電影會有符合主題的主題曲,例如《刻在你心底的名字》中【刻在我心底的名字】、《孤味》的【孤味】、《消失的情人節》中的【Lost and Found】,以及《親愛的房客》裡的【在夢裏】。但所謂史詩級的電影,通常也會配上磅礴的曲子來和扣人心弦的劇情相互搭配,讓你在觀看電影時的感官再放大。因此,今年的開場表演找來陳鋭,可說是電影產業的標配,更是將整個典禮一開始就放在高處的巧妙設定。

陳鋭曾經在日本冬季奧運上做開場表演,他音樂的硬底子讓他在國際間重要的場合都能站穩腳步,並成為大家注目的焦點。今年才31歲的陳鋭,在這個有華語奧斯卡之稱的典禮上,選擇義大利精品豪門Giorgio Armani 的正裝作為主要視覺。這位小提琴家這樣搭配別不讓人意外,畢竟電影、音樂、時尚,這三要素密不可分;而且選擇義大利的經典品牌搭配他的小提琴表演,除了“完美結合”外,似乎已經想不到其他形容詞來多做比喻。

陳鋭身穿Giorgio Armani參加第57屆金馬獎/ Ray Chen had Giorgio Armani for the 57 GHA



Established in 1962, the Golden Horse Awards have built a reputation in the Chinese film scene. If you are shooting a movie with Chinese as the main language, then this award is bound to be your final goal and an important award that every filmmaker hopes for.

Film is a wonderful thing. It cannot be done by one person alone, and no matter how famous and popular celebrities are, if you don’t have a good script and a team that can support you, then an epic movie will not appear. The so-called film, in addition to the male and female protagonists, whether it is costume design, scene design, make-up design, and even music design is important. Taking the 57th Golden Horse Awards as an example, the well-known violinist Ray Chen was listed as the opening guest. People, who are new to the film industry may wonder why a violin performance is the beginning of this important event? Couldn't it be more popular? Or in the mainstream? If you set yourself as a person who likes films, then you don’t need to be ashamed of this question, because this is also the first door to open your new visions.

Most films will have theme songs that fit the story, such as "Your Name Engraved Herein" has [Your Name Engraved Herein], "Little Big Women" has [Gou Mei], "My Missing Valentine" has [Lost and Found], and "In a Dream" in "Dear Tenant". But so-called epic movies are usually accompanied by majestic tunes to complement the exciting plot so that your senses when watching the movie will be amplified. Therefore, Ray Chen was the opening performance for the 57th Golden Horse Awards, which can be said that he put an ingenious vibe and set the peak for this ceremony.

Ray Chen used to perform in the opening performance at the Winter Olympics in Japan. His foundation in music allowed him to stand firm on important international events and caught everyone's attention. He is only 31 years old, however, he picked the Italian Fashion House, Giorgio Armani, be his total look at this ceremony. This isn't a surprising thing that Girogio Armani let his hight-end suit for him. After all, the film industry has different elements, such as music and fashion are inseparable. And choosing an Italian Brand to match his violin performance, apart from "perfect combination", it seems that other adjectives have not been thought of to express this beautiful scene.

Have you ever notice the music when you watch a film? Perhaps after the 57th Golden Horse Awards, we should not only watch more but also listen more to enhance ourselves and prepare for the next film ceremony.


Photographer Magus Chen

Photos Courtesy of TAIKER Magazine臺客雜誌


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