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  • Dylan Tang

Raf Simons 2017秋冬形象廣告/ Raf Simons' Autumn/Winter'17 Campaign

Raf Simons 的2017秋冬形象廣告再次突破了時裝廣告的框架,在這一次的時裝廣告當中,Raf Simons 找來了攝影師 Willy Vanderperre 以及造型師 Olivier Rizzo 合作,卻罕見的沒有找任何一位模特兒來擔任形象廣告的形象

看來Raf Simons 的舉動似乎是想要讓服裝回歸服裝,透過最新的2017秋冬形象廣告來表現出時裝最純粹的精髓。

Raf Simons broke the frame through his Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign. In this campaign, Raf Simons had photographer Willy Vanderperre and stylist Olivier Rizzo, however, he didn't let a model to participated in this campaign.

It seems like Raf Simons keen on keep pure. Clothes is clothes, it doesn't need too much accessories, such as model.


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