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  • Dylan Tang

不只浪漫|S.T. Dupont 全新腕錶帶著六種個性/ More than romantic. S.T. Dupont's new watch has six personality

隨著時間更迭,每個人對於手上那只腕錶的要求也愈來愈與不同。不論是想要從瑞士腕錶豪門品牌中取得、珠寶錶中挑選,有時候我們在挑選腕錶時都容易迷失和失去自我風格。但是要如何在看似平穩其實卻五花八門的腕錶世界中選出獨特的設計呢?或許法國品牌S.T. Dupont 能夠給你一個滿意的答案。


來自法國的S.T. Dupont 今年大膽地推出全新HYPERDOME系列。在這個系列中,每一只腕錶都搭載瑞士Ronda製造的石英機芯,更在錶面上發揮法蘭西民族的巧思,以防水礦物水晶圓頂製作,讓HYPERDOME系列發揮來自法國的獨特個性。


在這個全新系列中,你可以依照自己的個性挑選屬於適合自己的腕錶,例如Be Exceptional、Be Bold、Be Extreme、Be Daring、Be Elegant 和 Be Chic。


蔡凡熙演繹S.T. Dupont 全新腕錶/ Kent Tsai wore S.T. Dupont HYPERDOME collection

As time changes, everyone's requirements for a watch is becoming more different. Whether we want to get from the luxury Swiss watch brands or choose from jewellery watches, sometimes we tend to get lost and lose our style when choosing a watch. But how do you choose a unique design in the seemingly stable but diverse world of watches? Perhaps the French brand S.T. Dupont can give you a satisfactory answer.

French is more than romantic

S.T. Dupont boldly launched a new HYPERDOME collection this year. In this collection, each watch is equipped with a calibre made by Ronda. And on the surface, it displays the ingenuity of the French style. It is made with a waterproof mineral crystal dome, allowing the HYPERDOME collection to play a unique personality.

蔡凡熙演繹S.T. Dupont 全新腕錶/ Kent Tsai wore S.T. Dupont HYPERDOME collection

Six bold and innovative styles

In this new collection, you can choose the watch that suits you according to your personality, such as Be Exceptional, Be Bold, Be Extreme, Be Daring, Be Elegant and Be Chic.

Of course, you might say that it is not difficult to see a collection has more than one appearance. But this year itself is extraordinary, so why don't we take the opportunity to put more effort into our wrists? The HYPERDOME collection watches have a 43 mm diameter, a stainless steel case, water resistance to 50 meters, and the ability to quickly replace the strap. If your mood changes today for some unknown reasons, it would be very reasonable to switch from a blue, white and red tri-colour strap to a crocodile embossed calfskin strap! Isn't it.


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