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  • Dylan Tang

Katsumi Hyodo Is Chasing His Dream/ 新世代男孩 兵頭功海的夢想之路

In the early morning, Katsumi Hyodo appeared in the studio, greeting everyone enthusiastically. The 23-year-old actor is now at a young age. He came to Tokyo alone because he told himself "I want to be on TV". Fortunately, he did it because now he is the rising star now in the Japanese entertainment industry.

Japan's entertainment industry is quite mature, and many young people are eager to get a place in this battleground. For Katsumi Hyodo, becoming an actor is not accidental, but a dream he acquired when watching a movie with his family when he was a child. "When I was young, I watched movies on TV with my family. At that time, I thought being on TV was out of reach. However, when I faced the decision about my path in life while I was working hard to play baseball, I suddenly remembered that I wanted to be on TV. But to be on TV, you must first become a celebrity, so I came to Tokyo and started auditioning. When I think back to it, I remember that I also wrote "I want to be on TV" in the graduation yearbook (laughs). "

Stepping into a dream

After he completes a goal, greater challenges for the next chapter will be ushered in. Katsumi Hyodo, who became an actor, had to accept the cruel difficulties experienced in the entertainment industry. While he is facing the challenges of life, he won’t forget the first touching moment. When asked about his first emotional moments after becoming an actor, he said, "It should be that I had to live as others (the setting of the role) who cried so much that I couldn't help myself. Such as when I performed in the TV series, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, and it wrapped up. I felt I had to say goodbye to my fictional character and even though it was a fictitious world I still couldn’t stop crying."

Katsumi Hyodo's most well-known work is Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. In this well-known Japanese TV series, he had to put himself in the imaginary world of the screenwriter; he also has to meet the director's expectations. Therefore, this work should be his proudest work. However, he has a different answer, "All of my works make me proud because those require me to reflect on myself and make me grow up." From his answer, we can see that he is humble and determined to be a better actor.

Keep Your Original Intention

It takes enough courage to live and chase a dream in Tokyo alone, especially if you want to maintain your quality of life at the same time. For Katsumi Hyodo, maintaining the same quality of life isn't easy, because his fame is increasing. "I cared about sleep time, so I used an inverted algorithm to maintain sleep time. But after I started acting, it became a constraint. Therefore, I am trying to free myself and not be controlled by time." Such a change seems to be a success in his career. When you have to adjust the original life style, it means that a part of yourself has inevitably begun to evolve.

"When I want to get courage, I like to watch anime. Psycho Pass is my recent favourite work and I always enjoy One Piece. It recalls my original intention and brings me back to being an enthusiastic boy with his companions. Plus, when I want to return to my original aspirations, I go to see my work and think of myself at that time." - Katsumi Hyodo

Facing the challenges that time will bring to him, Katsumi Hyodo does not deter himself. On the contrary, when encountering such problems, he showed the unyielding personality of Japanese boys. "There are no special rules. But I hope to be true to my choice; even if I fail, I won't regret it." And commenting on the idea of carpe diem, he said, "I think I kind of seize the day, because even I have troubles, I will still get over it. After all, I’m in the public eye; I won't worry about it too much."


EDITOR/ Dylan Tang



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VIDEO/ Howard Chin

DESIGN/ Shuian Hsu



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