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Gucci 2017秋冬形象廣告/ Gucci Autumn/Winter'17 Campaign

時裝龍頭品牌 Gucci 推出了最新的2017秋冬形象廣告

這一次的秋冬形象廣告,Gucci 將場景拉回到現在年輕人一點都不熟悉的五零以及六零年代;在那個科幻電影正當紅的時代裡,每個人心中都有一個屬於自己與外太空的小劇場,這對於我們這些已經熟撚科技、活在資訊爆炸的人眼中看來,那個曾做滿太空夢以及對於外星生物的狂熱時代是多麽不可置信的平行時空!

Gucci 這一次找來了 Glen Luchford 拍攝這一次的秋冬形象廣告,而主題的靈感則是由創意總監 Alessandro Michele 對於星際爭霸的狂熱而來;在這個充滿鮮豔色彩的形象廣告裡,你不難發現為什麼現在每個人都要跟隨Gucci 的腳步?

因為Gucci 總是能夠早一步做到別人還沒做的事,事情的發生總是會讓Gucci 成為最新的領頭羊而不是趨勢追隨者。

Gucci unveiled 2017 autumn/winter sci-fi campaign.

Surreal, psychedelic outer space landscapes and trippy retro-futurist spaceship interiors create wild settings. For the Fall Winter 2017 campaign shot by Glen Luchford, Creative Director Alessandro Michele was inspired by the sci-fi genre of the 1950s and 60s, including the iconic TV program Star Trek. The mixed cast of humanoids, aliens, robots, earthlings and even dinosaurs mix with the color-rich and decorative collections to create a composition rich in imagination and fantasy.


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Star Trek elements courtesy of CBS TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks are properties owned by CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Music: “Space 1999” written by Vic Elms, Barry Gray © SM Publishing (Italy) Srl Ⓟ 1974 ITC Entertainment Group Limited


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