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  • Dylan Tang

GIORGIO ARMANI 虎年系列 胡歌使新年充滿運動風/ GIORGIO ARMANI Unveiled Its Collection of the Year of Tiger

GIORGIO ARMANI 在農曆虎年前夕推出了2022新年男裝系列,並且有全球形象代言人胡歌演繹這個義大利時裝品牌以東方寶石紅及極致黑打造的奢美的運動風格。

GIORGIO ARMANI 這次推出的圓領上衣,使用羊絨、桑蠶絲,以及柔軟的棉質製成。除了正面飾有老虎圖樣,綴以品牌縮寫GA標識外,這次印花及刺繡貫穿全系列的細節更容易讓人展現新春活力。


GIORGIO ARMANI launched the 2022 Lunar New Year's menswear collection. Next year will be the year of Tiger; therefore, as a high-end fashion brand, it wouldn't miss this particular year.

GIORGIO ARMANI let its global ambassador Hu Ge on the worldwide campaign for this collection. Of course, as a global ambassador and a megastar in China, he is the one to interpret this luxurious sports style with oriental ruby red and wisdom ink black.

This collection is made of cashmere, mulberry silk and soft cotton. In addition to the tiger pattern on the front and the initial GA logo, the details of this printing and embroidery throughout the whole collection are more likely to make people show the vitality of the new year.


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