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GIEVES & HAWKES 2019 春夏形象廣告/ GIEVES & HAWKES Spring/Summer'19 Campaign

Gieves & Hawkes 2019 春夏系列的設計主題 『探索熱帶風情』重新回顧品牌的歷史。在 19 世紀,Gieves & Hawkes 曾為探險家和冒險家們提供服裝,創意總監 John Harri-son 於是重新探究 Gieves 這悠久歷史的篇章,為今天的時尚紳士們 打造一系列獨具魅力的風格單品。

本季時尚大片就在西班牙的隱密小島 Ibiza 取景,將 2019 春夏系列豐富細膩的紋理與休閒的風格氣質展露無遺。無論是穿梭在中世紀古城 的建築之中,亦或散步於在陽光普照的沿海別墅,2019 春夏系列依然貫穿品牌的核心 魅力- 既精緻又簡約,不受短暫潮流影響。

成立於1771的 Gieves & Hawkes的男裝設計理念秉持著一貫的奢華、現代、時尚; 無論是剪裁優雅的套裝、適合重要場合的正裝,或是細致的休閒服飾,都是 Gieves & Hawkes 品牌自創立之初都堅持的傳統並堅強的設計核心。

In keeping with Gieves & Hawkes’ Spring Summer ’19 collection 【TROPICAL EXPLORATION】is the theme of this campaign, and this campaign literally revisits the house’s history. In the 19th century, the house was a prominent outfitter to explorers and adventurers, and Creative Director John Harrison has reimagined this chapter in Gieves’ history for today’s style conscious man.

Shot in Ibiza and exploring the more discreet corners of the world-famous glitz and glam Spanish escape, the campaign channels the collection’s rich textures and relaxed styling. Whether strolling through the limed houses of the medieval town or lounging around a sun-drenched coastal villa, SS19 looks at home – both sophisticated and simple all at once.

Founded in 1771, Gieves & Hawkes consistently approach to menswear design; luxurious, contemporary and chic. Whether elegant tailoring, impactful occasion wear or refined weekend wear, Gieves & Hawkes' SS19 collection offers the original idea of design and keeps Brand's DNA to a versatile summer wardrobe for sophisticated, worldly men.

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