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  • Dylan Tang

迎戰人生 Longchamp x Emotionally Unavailable聯名系列/ Fight for life, Longchamp x EU collection

「冠軍不是在體育館裡造就的,冠軍是來源於他內心深處所擁有的那些東西。一種狂熱,一個夢想,一些想像力。他們要在比賽最後一分鐘還保持體力,他們要比快還更快一點,他們要擁有技巧和意志力。但是意志力要比技巧強大一些。」- 拳王阿里


Longchamp發表全新聯名作品,與Kybum Lee與陳冠希共同創立的潮流品牌Emotionally Unavailable (EU) 攜手推出Longchamp X EU 王者系列。這個系列中有一個詼諧風趣的標語:”Been a CHAMP a LONG time”,這句話完美地傳遞了兩位創辦人的設計靈感,並將冠軍拳擊手的信念和思維帶入作品中,意思是即使面對人生中的失落與挫敗也要站起來繼續戰鬥。

在這一次的聯名系列裡頭,Longchamp的推出了擁有“Been a CHAMP”標語的 Le Pliage® 單品:肩揹袋、手提包、迷你後背包和腰包;此外,還有一款包身佈滿溶解愛心Logo的大型旅行袋,搭配可拆卸肩帶設計,可肩揹或手提。而且為了響應對環境的友善,這次的所有尼龍材質皆以再生尼龍製作而成。這似乎也可以聯想到拳擊手總是要迎戰到最後一刻,我們對環境的友善也應當重視到最後一分一秒,不可懈怠。



而最近與蔡詩芸Dizzy Dizzo推出新歌的瘦子E.So則表示這次 ”Been a CHAMP a LONG time”的標題就像是他做音樂一樣得不斷堅持下去「這種堅毅精神就和我們堅持做自己的音樂一樣,不論成敗、只管先拚再說,而生活中難忘的人事與經驗都是創作的養分。」


“Champions aren’t made in gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and they will. But the will must be stronger than the skill” - Muhammad Ali

Longchamp released a new collection collaborates with a street-style brand Emotionally Unavailable. This brand co-founded by Kybum Lee and Edison Chen. There is a vivid slogan in this collaboration: "Been a CHAMP a LONG time". This sentence perfectly conveys the design inspiration of the two founders and brings the belief and thinking of the champion boxer into the work, which means stand up and continue fighting even in the face of the loss and setbacks in life.

In this collection, Longchamp launched multi Le Pliage® with the slogan "Been a CHAMP", such as shoulder bags, handbags, mini backpacks and waist bags. In addition, there is also a travel bag has full of dissolved love. This heartbreaker item has a detachable shoulder strap, can be carried on the shoulder or hand. And in response to the environmental friendliness, all nylon materials are made of recycled nylon. It also seems to think that boxers always have to fight to the last minute, and our environment should also take care to the last minute.

E.So and Kenzy show their passion

The design concept this time is based on boxing. For Kenzy, a member of the rap group MJ116, it should be regarded as the perfect fashion one. Because Kenzy usually has to do boxing, when he saw this collection, he said "The collection with boxing is very attractive to me, especially the black nylon waist bag. The body is entirely made of recycled nylon. It is not only good-looking and versatile but also environmentally friendly."

E.So, recently released a new song with Dizzy Dizzo, said that the title of "Been a CHAMP a LONG time" is like his journey of making music. "This kind of perseverance is consistent with our insistence on making our own music. In the same way, regardless of success or failure, just work hard first, and the unforgettable personnel and experience in life are the nutrients of creation."

Perhaps like boxing champion Ali said, "Champions aren't made in gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision..." No matter how our life is not going well, as long as we return to the faith we believe in our heart, it should not be difficult to overcome.


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