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  • Dylan Tang

FENDI推出四款迷你FF Logo腕錶/ FENDI launches the Forever Fendi Square Watch

FENDI 推出 Forever Fendi 腕錶系列最新力作,這款腕錶採用品味獨特的 FF 形狀錶帶及全新的方形錶殼。

Forever Fendi Square 系列腕錶的多個款式,將鑽石、純正寶石和珍珠母貝,與金、銀和不鏽鋼等材質結合。顏色上則是從黃金和玫瑰金延伸到銀色和黑色,與緞面磨砂或拋光鋼材的紋理相互呼應。飾面與色調結合在一起,形成了一種雋永又醒目的和諧。

FF Logo 向傳統致敬

每個款式皆採用品牌最具代表性的交錯 FF logo 圖案錶鍊,以向 FENDI 的傳統致敬。Forever Fendi Square 錶款有兩種尺寸;「迷你」尺寸是直徑16公釐的錶殼及10公釐寬的錶鍊,較大的尺寸則是直徑23公釐的錶殼和15公釐寬的錶鍊。

全新的方形腕錶讓 Forever Fendi 系列更臻完滿,其創新的形狀增添了一股前衛的設計氣息。嬌柔的美學與簡潔的線條,Forever Fendi Square 在歌頌品牌的 DNA 之際,也在與時俱進。


FENDI unveils the latest addition to the Forever Fendi watches series, featuring the distinctive FF bracelet and a new squared case.

The design of the watch is declined in several versions that combine diamonds, genuine stones and mother-of-pearl with gold, silver and stainless steel. The tonalities extend from those of yellow and rose gold to silver and black, playing with textures of satin-brushed or polished steel. Finishes and shades come together in a timeless yet eye-catching harmony.

FF Logo Tribute to Heritage

The iconic bracelet showing the interlacing FF logo is present in all the variations, designed as a tribute to FENDI’s heritage. The Forever Fendi Square is proposed in two sizes; the “mini” one features a 16mm case and a 10mm wide bracelet, while the bigger one features a 23mm case and a 15mm bracelet.

The new, squared watches complete the Forever Fendi collection, adding an edgy touch to the design thanks to the innovative shape. With its feminine aesthetic and clean lines, the Forever Fendi Square is in step with the times while celebrating the Maison’s DNA.


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