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Cheng Jen-Shuo, Beyond the Sea/ 鄭人碩 在浪花之上

I’m standing warm against the cold

Now that the flames have taken hold

At least you left your life in style

And for as far as I can see

Ten twisted grills grin back at me

Bad money dies, I love the scene

The Stone Roses ‘Made of Stone’

On the day I met Cheng Jen-Shuo, the song 'Made of Stone' by The Stone Roses reverberated in my mind. Maybe because it was the pressure to meet this outstanding actor or I just worried 'Will he still be as tough as his image in the film?'

In the impression of many people, Cheng Jen-Shuo either appeared in commercial films or remained an actor who performed in many art films. "At the time, everyone felt that I could only act in art films and could not act in commercial films. So, I decided not to take parts in art films anymore and only move forward into commercial films." This sudden decision is courageous for an actor. But the decision Cheng made at the time was not only very bold but also extremely risky to let his acting career develop in an uncertain direction.

"I am very fortunate to be able to successfully change the direction of my career. Because that's why more people can see my possibilities." Cheng Jen-Shuo

Since his debut, Cheng Jen-Shuo has acted in many movies and TV series, but the movie 'Gatao 2: Rise of the King' is the one which led him to be noticed by the general public. In 2018, after 'Gatou 2: The King's Rise released, Cheng Jen-Shuo captured all media attention and was crowned 'The Man who Represents Taiwanese Handsome Style'. For this 38-year-old actor, when his fame burst out on social media, it was a good opportunity for him to get closer to the audience. The reason why is that it is usually hard to get close to him; however, his interactions with his supporters shows he isn't just an actor but an influencer. His social media is rarely influenced by his company. In fact, most of words he writes are sincere and from the bottom of his heart. "I understand the concerns from my agency, but I still think since it is my own social media. I should tell everyone through my own words."

Despite the fact that social media has narrowed the distance between Cheng Jen-Shuo and his friends, he still believes that if you are a REAL friend, you still need to meet them in person and develop a heartfelt relationship. After he said that, I remembered he has a nickname called "Brother Shuo". Perhaps not because he is older, but his romantic philosophy of life earned lots of respect.

"An actor has to be chosen." Cheng Jen-Shuo

Since last year, Taiwanese movies have achieved outstanding results. For Cheng Jen-Shuo, this phenomenon is a happy outcome and due to all the film industry's hardworking staff. However, he also mentioned that 'Comparing the current work with productions during Taiwanese film's new wave, we still have room for improvement. To me, Taiwan's film industry is actually phenomenal, so we should all take good care of this. We should all get together and create more wonderful work in the future." However, the opinion of the film industry is crucial; nobody is irreplaceable. As an actor, what's his tip to stand firm in this industry? He jokingly replied, "If someone comes along and is more handsome and with a local Taiwanese vibe, then I think it's the day I will be replaced."

Since 'Gatao: The last stray' is about to be released, the film series' success may also typecast Cheng Jen-Shuo. "If people think I only can do this kind of role, then this a symbol of the success of the film. However, I hope that everyone can still be open minded because so-called "typecasting" is the opinion of others." In 'Gatao: The last stray', Cheng Jen-Shuo is taking the leading role, but the challenge for him is to make himself a young-gun. That's because the setting of this film is six years before 'Gatao 2'. Will it be difficult for him? Jen-Shuo said "I think as long as I have a young mind, I can exude a feeling of youth from the inside out. Besides, people often say that I am young at heart.”

"I am luckier than others because my life experience builds my acting skills." Cheng Jen-Shuo

I don’t intend to compare who is the best at acting, but I believe everyone will recognize his acting skills. For him, his natural acting skills are actually given by his life experiences. "It's not for comparison, but I believe that not many people in this industry can have the same experience as me. But this life experience is also one of the reasons that creates my acting skills." When he said that to me the stereotype of a tough man from the beginning vanished and I can see that in fact he is the man who looks made of stone but with the warmest heart.

Cheng Jen-Shuo, he has experienced life's highs and lows. For him, working hard isn't just for a certain project. It's something we should do for our entire life. At this time, the song 'Made of Stone' by The Stone Roses appeared in my head again, because Cheng Jen-Shuo is just like the lyrics...

I'm standing warm against the cold

Now that the flames have taken hold

At least you left your life in style

The Stone Roses ‘Made of Stone’


Cheng Jen-Shuo said that he likes cooking because this is the process by which he recharges and settles. And when asked what his speciality is, he said, "As long as I see others eat up the meal I made, it is a speciality."





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