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  • Dylan Tang

卡地亞,探索自我的極致感受/ Cartier, Pasha de Cartier #MakeYourOwnPath




王柏傑配戴Pasha de Cartier/ Jacob Wang wore Pasha de Cartier

有別前些陣子的Pasha de Cartier 全球形象廣告,這一次全球首場『Pasha de Cartier探索自我』特展,邀請台灣新生代4位成功典範—王柏傑、莫允雯、瘦子E.SO與曾之喬,分享自我風格與堅持自我道路的致勝關鍵。

瘦子E.SO配戴Pasha de Cartier/ E.SO wore Pasha de Cartier


首次曝光的『Pasha de Cartier探索自我』特展中,透過概念性裝置與互動遊戲完整呈現Pasha標誌性的設計靈感與細節。在入場感受方圓光束的洗禮後,藉由Pasha 新世代形象大使的啟發,選擇一條專屬自我的道路,成功由你定義!

2020年全新Pasha de Cartier系列腕錶,將全球頂尖成就者的秘密嶄露於腕間,全系列腕錶詮釋寬廣的世界觀,信心與毅力是取得成功的致勝關鍵,與成功新世代青年的積極思維不謀而合,也正是Pasha de Cartier所呈現的自我精神與成功典範。

在這一次的特展中,不僅有Pasha 35mm, 41mm腕錶展示外,還推出了全新三款Pasha de Cartier 香水,提升了五感中的嗅覺體驗。另外,袖扣盒、菸灰缸,以及陶瓷托盤,都將這場全球特展展現全方位的五感體驗。


日期/ Date:2020/10/9 - 2020/10/11

時間/ Time:11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

展出地點/ Location:華山1914文化創意園區/ Huashan 1914 Creative Park


What is the meaning of a watch to you? To remind you of the passing of time, or to warn you of the important moments to come.

Four models of self-exploration

If the invisible flow of time can also be detected by your five senses. Then whether it is a dream success or achievement of a dream, this road of racing against time will not be difficult to complete. When it comes to racing against time, the Pasha watch, which was born in 1985, has not only become a legendary work that breaks through tradition and has the bold and unruly design. In 2020 this year, Cartier once again breaks through itself, in order to successfully "Make Your Own Path" for everyone.

莫允雯配戴Pasha de Cartier/ Christina Mok wore Pasha de Cartier

Unlike the global campaign of Pasha de Cartier a while ago, this time the world’s first "Pasha de Cartier" exhibition invited four successful celebrities of the new generation of Taiwan, such as Jacob Wang, Christina Mok, E.SO and Joanne Tseng. Four of them shared their experience to succeed which was sticking to your own path is the key.

曾之喬配戴Pasha de Cartier/ Joanne Tseng wore Pasha de Cartier

The path to success is defined by you

In the "Pasha de Cartier" exhibition, Pasha's iconic design inspiration and details were fully presented through conceptual installations and interactive games. After entering the venue to feel the baptism of the round beam, inspired by the new-generation ambassador of Pasha, choose a path of your own, success is defined by you!

The 2020 new Pasha de Cartier collection reveal the secrets of the world’s top achievers on the wrist. The full range of watches interprets a broad worldview. Confidence and perseverance are the keys to success and the positive thinking of a successful new generation of youth. It coincides with each other, which is exactly the self-spirit and success model presented by Pasha de Cartier.

In this exhibition, not only the Pasha 35mm and 41mm watches were displayed, but also three new Pasha de Cartier perfumes were launched to enhance the olfactory experience among the five senses. In addition, cufflink boxes, ashtrays, and ceramic trays all present this global special exhibition with a full range of five senses experience.


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