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  • Dylan Tang

Yao Chun Yao, Hey darling…/ 姚淳耀,可是親愛的...

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Has your dream ever been looked down upon? And when you are struggling to walk on the path to the future, are there some difficulties which make you feel cursed?

Since his debut ‘Au Revoir Taipei ’, Yao Chun Yao; the most impressive name in Taiwan this year, finally engraved his name in history. Many people's impressions of him may still be that of the crazy and passionate journalist in ‘The Mirror’ but in private, he is quite the opposite. He is the complete contrast of everyone's imagination of him. However, his private personality instantly creates a connection when he speaks on stage. He is such an elegant gentleman.

The distance between me and the character is like a mask

When I act, I look at the world with the character's mask

Many people think that life itself is a play with no end. But for actors who rely on acting for their livelihood, the definition of the word "acting" may be different from that of ordinary people. For Yao, acting is wearing a role’s mask. He said, “To me, acting is like creating a character. You have to infuse all your performances of life and views of characters into the mask you wear. And this process I think is a test of your taste. Because the tastes that you usually acquire in your personal life will affect the role you perform."

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After making up his mind, God gave you another challenge

Before Yao was crowned, he hadn’t had any jobs for several years. During this period, he had doubts about the decisions he made because the path he had chosen was not that simple, and many people did not have the courage to do it. "Actually, the motivation for me to persevere is telling myself to make up my mind because life is really short and I can only do one thing at a time. So, I really can't host and act at the same time. At that time, I made up my mind and thought "Okay! Just try it!", but after that, things didn't go as smoothly as imagined. It's like God gave you another challenge. It made me feel "How could this happen!" But It gave me second thoughts when I had no acting or a job for almost a year at that time, I told myself to continue to believe. And I told myself "just give it a try.” As far as Jack is concerned, after years of persistence he can smile at his achievements.

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No matter what I pass through

I will grasp every moment

The invisible future is like looking up at the starry sky, looking for your own star in the universe, perhaps you will feel a bit lost. But when you take a firm stand, maybe the future could be predictable in the next 10, 20, or even 30 years, right?

Yao is like a star emitting incomparable light. For him, although the future is still uncertain, he has an ideal look in his mind. "I can't imagine what will change in the future, but I have thought about what kind of actor I will become in 30 years. For example, I like the actor Kang-Ho Song, I hope that I can achieve his goal in the next 30 years. Regardless of what I pass through, I will grasp every moment. I will keep trying the different appearances of each role and confront my own limits. And in this process, I will slowly develop my skill of performance and make the performance broader."

Many things have more than a single aspect

You can look at everything with tolerance

And treat everyone who is different from you gently

In retrospect, Yao first encountered acting when he was in the university. He remembers that his teacher asked him a question: "Dare you to say that you are an actor?" At that time, he wasn't sure until he entered the industry. And nowadays, Yao dares to say that he is an actor.

Since childhood, Yao has experienced many stories. For him, many things have more than one aspect. Therefore, in this messy world, how to exert his influence? He said: "I hope that in my lifetime, my performance can be elevated to a different level, and through acting, I can tell people that many things have more than a single aspect. You can look at everything with tolerance and treat everyone who is different from you with gentleness.”

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As the movie "Dear Tenant" is about to be released, has Yao any impression of this film?

He said: "There is one scene in "Dear Tenant" that I am most impressed with. It is when I invited the character played by Mo Tzu-Yi to the mountain. While waiting, if he doesn’t turn up, I will lose myself. But when I thought about this, I turned around and saw him appear. I suddenly felt "rebirth". At that moment, I felt the scene was unforgettable.

Because everyone was shooting together on Mount Hehuan, whether it was physical or psychological hardship, there was a kind of revolutionary emotion. That pure and strong emotion has magnified my senses and impressed me very much.”


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