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Andy Robertson 戮力一心的蘇格蘭足球戰士/ Andy Robertson, the Glasgow warrior always give 100%

Andrew Robertson (Andy Robertson),現任蘇格蘭國家足球隊隊長、利物浦足球隊的左後衛;在英國超級聯賽正在如火如荼的進行最後幾場比賽中,這一位出生自蘇格蘭 Glasgow 的足球員可以說是為自己佔著著舉足輕重的位置。

現年25歲的 Robertson 從2017年開始開始為利物浦足球隊效力,而也從這個時候開始,Robertson 的光芒開始展現,也讓每一位熱衷英國超級聯賽的人開始注意到這一位來自北方的快腿青年。

身高擁有178公分的 Robertson 對於足球可以說是全心全力的將一生都奉獻在這個上頭,雖然現在還不到三十歲,但是 Robertson 可是已經將未來自己心中的藍圖畫好,因此成立了 ProAcademy 致力培養對於足球有熱情的孩童們。

對於 Andy Robertson 而言,不管達到多少成就或者能夠做到多少,只要能全心全力的在足球場上揮灑汗水,那麼對於這位來自 Glasgow 的足球猛將而言,他的旅程永遠都不會停止。



ProAcademy 由 Andrew Robertson 和 蘇格蘭足球協會一同成立的組織,在這裡你可以獲得由專業足球員的訓練,並且致力培養未來足球場上的明日之星。




Andrew Robertson (Andy Robertson), the captain of the Scotland football team, the defender for Liverpool FC. Robertson is in full swing in the last few games and not just for now at the Premier League, this Glasgow warrior has the pivotal position in all times.

Robertson, 25 years old, has been playing for the Liverpool FC since 2017. Since this time, Robertson has begun to shine and show what he can do to everyone who is keen on Premier League. You may never forget when he is running on the field because Andy is a powerful, ambitious footballer and also has a big heart for his ideal world.

Robertson can be said to be dedicated to football all his life. Although he is less than 30 years old, Robertson has already developed the blueprint of his future and launched ProAcademy to cultivate Children who are passionate about football.

For Andy Robertson, no matter how many achievements he made or how much more he can be achieved, as long as he can keep fully sweat on the football field, his journey will never stop. This Glasgow fighter will never be stopped.

"Whether things are coming off and whether I’m finding people with my crosses,

I always give 100% - that’s the way I’ve been since I was a kid."

ProAcademy is an organisation formed by Andrew Robertson and PFA Scotland, where you can get training from professional footballers and aim to develop the next superstars on the football field.


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