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全新運動時尚, adidas Original by Alexander Wang, Fresh, Sports, Fashion

adidas Originals 和 Alexander Wang 的最新聯名款三月三日全球上市;

這一次最新的系列,Alexander Wang 將經典的 adidas Originals 加上大膽的剪裁,讓這一次2018春夏女裝系列充滿著對運動服飾不一樣的視覺享受。adidas Original x Alexander Wang 的2018春夏女裝系列在去年九月第一次在伸展台上亮相;以經典衝擊視覺的配色 '黑與白' 加上使用袖子成結的元素,讓這個系列充滿著更戲劇張力的表現;

Alexander Wang 在時裝界的成功一直都是大家有目共睹的,而這一次再與運動品牌龍頭 adidas Origianl 的聯名系列更將他推向時裝產業裡不同的新世界,畢竟街頭運動服飾在現在這個世代已經成為大眾消費的選項,如果你也是在這個領域裡頭有著獨特見解的人,那麼這個全新系列就是你不得錯過個春夏消費選擇。

adidas Originals by Alexander Wang, the latest capsule collection launched globally on March 3rd.

In this new six-piece capsule collection, Alexander Wang redefines the adidas Originals silhouette, the designer interprets sportswear essentials in hybrid shapes and bold volumes. The resulting apparel, in classic adidas tracksuit fabric, was first revealed at Wang’s Spring/Summer 2018 runway show last September.

Working in graphic black and white, Wang adds unexpected details to enduring adidas heroes, like the track jacket and tennis shorts, which are reimagined with built-in tied sleeves cinching their waists. He also splices track pants into a billowing, full-length skirt and imagines a cool cross between a motorcycle pant and a running tight. Wang’s reinvention of adidas iconography yields aesthetic innovation.

In this happening era, sportswear and street style currently be the mainstream option for customers. Hence, if these style is in your comfort zone then you definitely can't miss this six-piece capsule collection from adidas Original by Alexander Wang.


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