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《緝魂》系列報導 專訪程偉豪導演/ A dive into ‘The Soul’ with Director Cheng Wei-Hao









導演先前提到,這部電影最重要還還是在訴說 “人性與愛”,或許是製作電影過程中導演經歷的人生歷程,又或者是許多我們不知道的背後原因,但程偉豪導演的確將人們性格的轉變和心態上的變化,完整地放在這部電影裡。


常聽人家說 “愛的力量可以無限大” 但是為愛犧牲卻又是另一件事。在電影《緝魂》裡,每一個角色的一舉一動都影響著接下來的故事發展;每一個角色的內心都有著對愛自己最獨特的見解。但是,你能為愛犧牲多少?或許是程偉豪導演要讓每個人看完電影後在心中慢慢思考的一件事。


When a movie carries a strong momentum, people will inevitably examine or criticise in every detail. Every action of the character and even a line can easily become the focus of discussion.

In 2021, the film industry's first hot topic is 'The Soul' directed by director Cheng Wei-Hao. The film has a strong cast, and the director's unique directing skill, this crime and suspense genre film naturally became a discussion before it was released.

Far or Near

The background of 'The Soul' set in 2038, Taipei. For movies with science fiction elements, Director Cheng Wei-Hao believes that this is not a typical science fiction film, but can be called "soft science fiction" type. The director explained, "The background of this movie is base on a period that we can feel either familiar and a bit unfamiliar. Although this movie seems to have many suspenseful and crime elements, the most important thing is "humanity and love."

'The Soul' is the fourth feature film directed by Cheng Wei-Hao, and it's adapted from Jiang Bo's short story 'Transferring Souls'. This is also the first time Director Cheng has tried to adapt the script. "The reason why this novel attracts me the most is: "Under the true scientific theory, brain RNA powder can cause soul transfer." However, the director added another important element that he wanted to emphasise during the process of adapting compared with the original.

Things to the Soul

Regarding soul transfer, both the East and the West have different perspectives since ancient times. Director Cheng has mixed the two different elements into a movie through research and development that cause you can not be distracted for a moment. "The Eastern people have many different views on the soul. In this film, the biggest difference between preserves the soul is that Wester through RNA and Eastern via witchcraft or specific methods. That's the way I used to mixed Eastern and Western perspectives." Director Cheng continued to explain, "But what's more important is that my family member happened to rest in peace while I was work in progress. Hence, it made me think about the connection between the soul and the body deeply. Also, the physical and psychological state between the patient and the family. These have become one of the main sources of my final adaptation."

How much can you sacrifice for love?

The director mentioned earlier that the most important thing in this film is "humanity and love". Perhaps it is the director's life journey during the production of the film, or it is the reason behind many things we don't know. However, we can certainly confirm that Director Cheng really emphasises the change in each character in 'The Soul'.

"When you encounter life and death, you will definitely make a different choice in your life." Cheng Wei-Hao

People often say that "The Power of Infinite Love", but sacrifice for love is another matter. In 'The Soul', every action of each character affects the development of the following story; each character has a unique insight into loving another person. But how much can you sacrifice for love? Perhaps it is something that Director Cheng wants everyone to think significantly after watching the movie.

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