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  • Dylan Tang

張震與林暉閔《緝魂》非黑即白大戰/ 'The Soul' the war of being Brightside or darkness







If Chang Chen in 'The Soul' is the sun, Erek Lin is the dark side that opposes the film.

The 44-year-old actor, Chang Chen, rebuilt his figure for his latest movie 'The Soul' and changed his speaking and walking way in a short time. In order to comprehensively conduct the character portrayed in the mind of Director Cheng Wei-Hao. Director said: "My first thought for the leading role of this movie was Chang Chen. The biggest reason is probably because of the look in his eyes!" Since Chang Chen debuted at 14, his performances have always been well received. Although his number of works is not as many as that of other actors of the same period, still, he is born to be being a movie actor. Despite the fact that Chang Chen is already familiar with acting in movies, in this crime thriller, Chang Chen, performed by the prosecutor of terminal cancer, still has a lot of challenges for him. He said: "How to be "sharp" for patients with terminal cancer is the biggest challenge I faced this time. There are many suspenseful elements and humanized emotional dramas in the film that attract me to take on the role.

I am looking forward to seeing my performance at the premiere!"

"Sometimes the evil people you see are not necessarily evil, and sometimes the good ones you see are not necessarily good ones either."-Erek Lin

As for the 23-year-old movie star Erek Lin, he appears in the film as Wang Tian-You, who's covered in charms. This role is more challenging for this newcomer in the film industry than in 'Starry Starry Night' and 'Your Name Engraved Herein'. After all, it takes 11 hours to prepare for the first makeup. This kind of large-scale makeup seems to be a big challenge for young actors psychologically. Unlike Chang Chen, who lost 12 kilograms for the play, Erek also lost about seven kilograms for "The Soul". This approach seems to fit the image of the "blood curse" in the film more closely with the characters.

The scary blood curse in this film is another stunning performance for Erek Lin. In addition to the unquestionable acting skills, this spell is also an original spell designed by Erek for this movie. From these small details, it is not difficult to see that although this movie has superstar casts such as Chang Chen and Janine Chang, Erek Lin will not be outdone and wants to radiate his own sparkle from other places. Although Erek said "This is the hardest role I have ever acted", his acting skills in the trailer are not difficult to see that he also intends to make an unprecedented breakthrough for his acting career.

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