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  • Dylan Tang

"WISHING" is passionate (English Vers.)

“Iman's certainly setting the bar high for herself and with her latest offering, it's clear she can exceed it”

-The 405 “At first glance you get a sense that Iman is the type of artist that holds a strong identity and a clear vision for her music. Iman is an artist that truly has a whole entire career ahead of her and we truly believe she’s already blossoming into a force of nature that might be unstoppable”

- IX Daily


​IMAN has had staggering song credits to date, for her first encounters in the music industry. IMAN has written songs for major label signed artists, which were placed on triple platinum and gold status albums for German, Italian, Australian and UK based artists.

IMAN proves credentials as not only a talented artist with a distinctive voice but also as a highly sort after songwriter. She's also known for having two records (Need To Know & Need You) on Wilkinson’s debut album 'Lazers Not Included’ with 'Need To Know’, being championed by Radio 1 tastemakers Annie Mac and MistaJam. The album peaked on the UK Official Charts and made Number 2 on the UK Dance Charts. IMAN presents her talents which are recognised by tastemakers in her own music just as well. Her two previously released singles ‘Naive' and the bassline driven 'Golden' prove this. Both recognised by tastemakers MOBO and The 405, which boast over 50,000 streams on Soundcloud alone.

Her latest single 'Wishing', mixed by Brett Shaw (Lady Gaga, Florence and The Machine, Clean Bandit), is an infectious dance-floor smasher. The track races with driving kick drums and tropical-pop styled synth hooks yet maintains her recognised soulfulness imprinted all over her previous releases.

​Having written and recorded with the likes of Ed Sheeran, toured with Rudimental and been in writing sessions with Mike Dean (Kanye West), it didn't take long for IMAN to learn her way and make a name for herself as a singer, songwriter, and performer. She grew even stronger in the face of rejection. During moments when the phone stopped ringing and she wasn't doing as many music sessions, Iman's background had her equipped to tackle those moments of uncertainty. She says ‘'The hardest thing I had to battle was my own self doubt. The artist I am, writing the music I do right now is a direct product of my foundations, it's from those early days were I felt like I was constantly battling myself, that I was somehow able to dig deep and find myself to then go on and write the songs I have, and I am so grateful for it. I totally own it and stand by decisions made”. IMAN is no longer unsure of her ability, her latest offering ‘Wishing' is due for release in January. She adds “I took my opportunities, I own it, I deserve it and I'm worthy of it. It's taken sacrifices but it's just how it was supposed to be and I'm grateful for the lessons learned. I'm still growing and I have so much more music to bring to the table. Really I'm just getting started” This record has never felt more like IMAN.

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