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  • Dylan Tang

Uniqlo十週年,水哥小鎂攜手體現服裝新價值/ 10 years in Taiwan, Uniqlo offering you new lifestyles for next decade




李英宏著UT鼎泰豐T、桂綸鎂著UT春水堂人文茶T/ DJ Didilong wore UT Din Tai Fung, Guey Lun-Mei wore UT ChunShuiTang





The Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO has officially entered its 10th anniversary in Taiwan. Why it matters? Because this Japanese brand brought a unique Japanese light lifestyle to Taiwan. And no matter how severe the pandemic this year, it only needs to refocus to the 'People' itself and reflect from the clothing. It's quite obvious because if people can work together then move forwards to a better future, it would not be that difficult.

The Art and Science of LifeWear

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, UNIQLO teamed up with Golden Horse Award actress Guey Lun-Mei and Taiwanese newgen artist DJ Didilong to show new value for "LifeWear's Art and Science".

Reflect the localization

No matter which brands you are. As long as you enter a new market, embracing the changes produced by localization is a topic that every brand will face. UNIQLO, which has been deeply cultivated in Taiwan for 10 years, of course, cannot stay out of it. In the 10th-anniversary campaign launched this year, it is necessary to be full of Taiwanese flavour, and it is necessary to return to the ingenious value between people and clothing.

Return to ordinary daily life

In this campaign, Guey Lun-Mei and DJ Didilong removed their superstar status and demonstrated the power of clothing to provide a better life in a way that is closest to consumers. DJ Didilong chooses the "water-repellent multi-pocket hooded jacket" that can flexibly cope with the changing weather in Taiwan as his tomorrow clothing. Simply pairing it with a checkered shirt and jeans is the most "watery" desktop-style in his heart, comfortable and functional. The coat allows him to ride through Taiwan's old alleys unimpeded, looking for inspiration for various local creations. And Guey Lun-Mei chose the "lightweight BLOCK TECH weatherproof and anti-UV coat" as her tomorrow's clothing, and returned to her hometown, Tianmu.


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