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  • Josh Lin

Prix x CASETiFY給手機的新服裝系列/Your phone needs new clothes too


不管你是童話、影集、運動或潮流掛,CASETiFY絕對不會讓你失望。如今CASETiFY更是與PRIX聯名,將電腦硬件和其他工業材料的外觀和質感以原創藝術作品首次亮相,其中包括iPhone、AirPods / AirPods Pro、MacBook皆適用於此系列。另外,此次合作還推出了一款特殊產品,可以隨時保持“鎖定和裝載”的Utility Bag。

“該系列的靈感主要來自我在高中和大學期間的兼職工作,在我父親的汽車修理廠打工,並在一家電腦商店工作。我一直沉迷於研究和了解事物的工作原理,尤其是高科技硬件, “ Prix的創辦人和設計師Esther Ng說。

在時尚和遊戲不經常重疊的世界中,Esther Ng公開地將兩者擁抱在一起,並將其與自己的作品結合在一起。她的品牌背景不僅使她在行業中脫穎而出,而且還成為CASETiFY的新技術配件系列的完美佐證。還有什麼比用女性創始人和壞蛋遊戲玩家 Esther Ng 創作這個系列的靈感來圓女人的歷史月更好呢?


Have you heard of CASETiFY? What is it? They are responsible for slowing down the speed of changing your phone and keeping you happy every day. Nowadays, the price of mobile phones is about to break new highs, and the appearance and functions are also new. When you hold the mobile phone in your hand, what CASETiFY does is to put on the exclusive special protective clothing for your electronic products.

No matter if you are a fairy tale, a drama, sports or fashion fan, CASETiFY will never let you down. Today, CASETiFY is co-branded with PRIX to make the appearance and texture of computer hardware and other industrial materials appear as original works of art for the first time, including iPhone, AirPods / AirPods Pro, MacBook is all suitable for this series. Additionally, the collaboration introduces an exciting new product called the Utility Bag—an inspired organizer to keep gear “locked and loaded” at all times

“The inspiration behind the collection was primarily my part-time jobs during High school and University, helping out at my dad’s car workshop and working at a computer store. I’ve always been into obsessively researching and understanding how things work, especially tech hardware,” said Esther Ng, Founder and Designer of Prix.

In a world where fashion and gaming don’t often overlap, Esther Ng openly embraces both and marries them in her work. The backstory to her label not only sets her apart in the industry but also serves as a perfect display for her new line of tech accessories by CASETiFY. What better way to round out Women’s History Month than with this technology-inspired collection created with female-founder and badass gamer Esther Ng.


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