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Mercedes-Benz,2021全面進化/The 2021 full evolution of Mercedes-Benz

品牌逐漸走向年輕化的Mercedes-Benz,如今正在豪華進口車市掀起一股豪華小型車旋風,而隨著正 21 年式車型,Mercedes-Benz將豪華小型車在安全、性能以及外觀方面進化,企圖打造無可披靡的全方位坐駕。

「安全」一直是所有駕駛最重視的環節,同時也是Mercedes-Benz長期重視的要點。Mercedes-Benz特別將「智慧駕駛輔助套件」 加入正 21 年式車型的豪華小型車標配,此套件包含:長途駕駛利器DISTRONIC智能定速測距輔助、智能轉向輔助、主動防撞輔助、主動車道維持輔助等多項行車安全輔助功能,形成更完整如「防護罩」般的主動安全防護系統,為駕駛、乘客以及用路人打造安心的交通環境。

除了安全配備,Mercedes-Benz 豪華小型車更全面搭載MBUX娛樂系統,讓駕駛無須分神,以智能聲控就能輕鬆完成多項指令,打造全新直覺智能駕駛體驗。

為了讓熱血的車迷們更能感受到來自AMG駕駛體驗,台灣賓士針對不同的AMG 豪華小型車推出進化版配備。正 21 年起,AMG 豪華小型車標配「AMG高性能Nappa真皮平底跑車方向盤」,方向盤踏實的手感,彷彿握上就能感受到來自賽車上的熱血氛圍。而針對空間及操控並重的消費者,正 21 年式的 Mercedes-AMG GLA 35的懸吊系統將升級為「AMG RIDE CONTROL 可變阻尼懸吊」,並搭配「19 吋 AMG 五輻雙肋式輕合金輪圈」,讓充滿熱血的駕馭樂趣不設限;另外,正 21 年式的 Mercedes-AMG GLB 35,同樣配備「AMG RIDE CONTROL 可變阻尼懸吊」及「19 吋 AMG 五輻雙肋式輕合金輪圈」,第三排雙人座椅列也將成為標配,多變車室空間展現無限的乘坐可能,兼顧性能與休旅車機能。

無論是地表最強鋼炮Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+或是性能小休旅GLA / GLB車系,安全性及觀賞度均大幅提升

五門掀背車是許多人對於 A-Class 的第一印象,但在前年底台灣賓士將品牌大型轎車的經典工藝融入豪華小型車中的力作A-Class Sedan四門轎車正式引進,旋即受到市場熱烈的歡迎,如今趁著新年式切換,今年台灣賓士推出「A 180 Sedan 運動版」,全車系同樣升級「智慧駕駛輔助套件」,並加上炫目的「AMG Line 跑車化套件」,包括:鍍鉻單柵鑽石型水箱護罩、雙排氣鍍鉻尾飾管、Nappa 真皮平底跑車方向盤、跑車式座椅及Direct-Steer直效操控轉向系統。而今年除了豪華小型車,更考量目前休旅車市場強勁需求,新增「Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 七人座」車型,搭配AMG Line跑車化套件,並以EASY-ENTRY功能提供第二排座椅可前後滑動及椅背前傾,彈性且靈活的車室空間,滿足大家庭外出需求。相信喜愛駕馭的車迷都能夠在正 21 年式的Mercedes-Benz 中找到心目中最滿意的勁駒。


Mercedes-Benz isn't staying in a safe zone, it has set off a whirlwind of luxury small cars in the luxury imported car market. In 2021, Mercedes-Benz upgraded the safety, performance and appearance of luxury small cars to create an invincible all-round car.

"Safety" has always been the most important link for all drivers, and it is also a key point that Mercedes-Benz has been attaching great importance for a long time. In 2021, Mercedes-Benz has added the "Intelligent Driving Assistant Package" to the standard equipment of luxury small cars. The kit includes DISTRONIC intelligent constant speed ranging assistance, intelligent steering assistance, active collision avoidance assistance, active lane maintenance assistance, etc. The driving safety assistance function can form a more complete active safety protection system, such as a "protective cover", thereby creating a safe traffic environment for drivers, passengers and passers-by.

In addition to safety equipment, Mercedes-Benz luxury small cars are more fully equipped with the MBUX entertainment system, so that drivers do not need to be distracted, and can easily complete multiple commands with intelligent voice control, creating a new intuitive and intelligent driving experience.

In order to let passionate car fans feel the driving experience from AMG, Taiwan Benz has launched an evolutionary version of equipment for different AMG luxury small cars. Starting in 2021, AMG luxury small cars will be equipped with the "AMG high-performance Nappa leather flat-bottom sports car steering wheel". The solid feel of the steering wheel makes it possible to feel the passionate atmosphere of the racing car. For consumers who place equal emphasis on space and control, the suspension system of the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLA 35 will be upgraded to "AMG RIDE CONTROL variable damping suspension", and will be equipped with "19-inch AMG five-spoke double rib light-alloy wheels, "so full of hot-blooded driving pleasure without restrictions; in addition, the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLB 35, also equipped with available damping suspension" AMG RIDE CONTROL "and" 19-inch AMG five-spoke double rib light-alloy wheels", the third row of double seat rows will also become standard, and the variable cabin space will show unlimited ride possibilities, taking into account both performance and RV functions.

Whether Mercedes AMG A 45 S 4MATIC +, or GLA / GLB, their performance, security and visual aspects have been greatly improved.

The five-door hatchback is many people’s first impression of the A-Class, but at the end of the previous year, Taiwan’s Mercedes-Benz has integrated the classic craftsmanship of the brand's large sedan into the luxury small car. The A-Class Sedan four-door sedan was officially introduced, and it has become popular in the market. Now Taiwan Benz has launched the "A 180 Sedan Sport Edition", and the entire car series has also upgraded the "Smart Driving Assistant Package", plus the dazzling "AMG Line Sports Car Package", including chrome-plated single-bar diamond-type water tank guard, double row gas chrome-plated tailpipes, Nappa leather flat-bottom sports steering wheel, sports seats and Direct-Steer direct control steering system. In addition to luxury small cars this year, considering the current strong demand in the RV market, the new "Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 seven-seater" model is added, with the AMG Line sports car kit, and the EASY-ENTRY function provides second-row seats. Flexible and flexible car room space meets the needs of large families when going out. I Believed that car fans who love driving can find the most satisfying car in the 2021 Mercedes-Benz.


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