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  • Dylan Tang

台灣時尚選品店戰爭!台北再開新戰場/ The battle of select shop in Taipei



台灣的選品店不外乎就是大家熟悉的那幾家,onefifteen初衣食午、Genie Boutique、Fred Segual、Trends、團團、Artifacts......等。但東區的消費戰力已經逐漸衰弱,因此要怎麼突破重圍,可能是這些選品店應該繼續思考的下一步。Trends 其實已經在台北信義區駐點已久,若要說它在那裡稱王一點也不為過。但今年九月onefifteen初衣食午,在Bellavita 開設了新的店面,這個舉動,或許就是要繼續拓展自己的領地,讓自己能夠在台北選品店的大戰中旗開得勝。

onefifteen 初衣食午BELLAVITA 店,店內前區由國際設計師品牌女裝開啟視野,除了有解構主義獨樹風格的Maison Margiela、中性摩登的JW Anderson、富有未來感的Marine Serre,與少女般夢幻的Cecilie Bahnsen外,也完美體現男裝服飾的深度及完整性,如日本設計師的

高街品牌Doublet、實穿與前衛兼具的Neil Barrett、拼接風格的Maison Mihara Yasuhiro、藝術感十足的Marni 及結合民俗與哥德風格的日本高端設計師飾品品牌Natural Instinct,都為這間新開的店豐富了它的輪廓。

We often see many designer brands during fashion week, but if you look back in Taiwan. It's not easy to find these excellent brands' boutique. Therefore, if you want to put on a new trend with a unique personality, you can only try your luck in a select shop. Fortunately, Taiwan's fashion buyers, their sense of fashion are beyond the standard. Although most of the brands do not have a location in Taiwan, you can still buy them and turn yourself into the spotlight on the street.

The battlefield of select shops

The select shops in Taiwan are nothing more than the familiar ones, onefifteen, Genie Boutique, Fred Segal, Trends, Tuantuan, Artifacts... etc. However, the consumer power of the Eastern District has gradually weakened, so how to break through the siege may be the next step that these boutiques should continue to think about. Trends has been stationed in Taipei's Xinyi District for a long time. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a king there. However, in September this year, onefifteen opened a new store in Bellavita. This move may be explained they are expanding its territory so that it can win the battle of Taipei select shop.

What's inside?

Onefifteen BELLAVITA store, the front area of ​​the store is opened by the international designer brands. For example, the deconstructive unique style of Maison Margiela, the neutral and modern JW Anderson, the futuristic Marine Serre, and the dreamlike girl style Cecilie Bahnsen.

It also perfectly reflects the depth and integrity of menswear, such as the Japanese High-street designer brand Doublet, own both practical and avant-garde Neil Barrett, the splicing style Maison Mihara Yasuhiro, Marni with artistic sense, and Natural Instinct, which is a high-end Japanese designer jewellery brand that combines folk customs and Gothic styles. With these brands, this new store has enriched its outline and make the Taipei Xinyi district has more diversity to consume fashion.


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