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  • Dylan Tang

【TAIKER Man】 In the Parallel Universe, Jay Lycurgo Finds His Actual Self/ Jay Lycurgo 在平行宇宙中找到真我

Inheritance from previous generations has always been an important thing that every industry hopes to achieve painlessly, and the film and television industry is of course no exception. For example, the Batman series has continued to release new media for more than 50 years since the first film was released in 1966. This continuation, in addition to including audiences of all ages, is also a good thing for the actors in new generation.

British actor Jay Lycurgo has acted in DC's work in recent years and can be seen in Titans and The Batman. But the benchmark work where he can really see his acting skills explode is the Netflix series The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself.

The story of "The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself" says that although people who have magic inherit the bloodlines of the previous generations, they still have the opportunity to acquire different abilities at the moment of adulthood. The protagonist Nathan, played by Jay Lycurgo, is a good guy who is considered a villain by many. For Jay, it’s his first time to be a leading actor on Netflix. The 24-year-old actor believes that this creative work has a relationship with real human nature that cannot be underestimated. "I feel so fortunate because it's a bunch of creatives that are just so passionate and they're so inspiring to be a part of. It's just really fun you know? In our show, it's very much like a darkly humorous fun, romantic, hilarious, fantasy show. And with that, you also have the human reality of this rawness that I think to screen comes very true.”