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聖羅蘭的夏天 Anthony Vaccarello打造花都獨家產品/ Summer of Saint Laurent, Anthony Vaccarello's exclusive goods



這個夏天,法國時裝品牌聖羅蘭(Saint Laurent)推出了只在Saint Laurent Rive Droite 獨家發售的產品。這是由現任創意總監Anthony Vaccarello 發想,並且試圖讓人可以抓住巴黎夏天尾巴的暖心創意。

Vaccarello 這次推出的產品並不是整套時裝,或者夏季限定的成衣。反倒是充滿品牌精神的生活滿學單品。像是在台灣也推出的 New Era 帽子,這次在巴黎和洛杉磯也能購買到,而且顏色更鮮艷,是溫暖的彩虹顏色。


時尚產業一直都是包容性最大的產業,不管是性向和族群的不同,在這個產業都能透過創意得到發揚的機會。這也是為什麼,Anothony Vaccarello 能一手撐起1961年就成立的聖羅蘭名號。像是這次推出的產品還注入北非民族柏柏爾(Berber) 的生活美學,像是擁有 Emaux de Longwy 圖案的花瓶和盤子,展現出十足文化多元性。


The pandemic seems to be controlled, but the summer of 2021 has no longer be what we are familiar with. However, the fashion industry isn't that fragile, and the fashion giants wouldn't make this industry dull due to the annoying virus.

Summertime with Saint Laurent

This summer, French fashion brand Saint Laurent launched exclusive products at the Saint Laurent Rive Droite store. This idea is from the creative director Anthony Vaccarello that not only just for marketing but also heartfelt touching for everyone.

In this case, these exclusive goods aren't ready to wear; on the contrary, it is a special lifestyle line full of brand's spirit.

Cultural Crossover

The fashion industry has always been the most diverse industry. Regardless of sexuality and ethnicity, none of these is barriers to creative development in this industry. Therefore, that is why Anthony Vaccarello has able to keep Saint Laurent great again. The exclusive launched this time also contains the lifestyle of Berber, with vases and plates with Empire aux de Longwy motifs, sculpting complete cultural diversity. How can't you dislike it?

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