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唱出自己態度的,Spring King 'A Better Life', don't give a fxxk

英國獨立搖滾樂團 Spring King 在八月的尾聲推出了全新專輯 “A Better Life” !

這一支四人編制的樂團從2014年發表首支單曲 “Mumma” 以來就一直在英國獨立搖滾樂界默默耕耘,到現在已經成 BBC Radio 1, Beats 1 …等廣播電台爭相訪問的對象;雖然2015年在SXSW 音樂節登場時被認為只是一支 ‘流行龐克樂團’ 但是他們不斷堅持自己對音樂的熱愛,並且忠實自己剛出道以來的獨特個性,又有誰在乎別人給他們的稱號呢?

短短兩年已經發了兩張專輯,對於這個來自英國 Macclesfield 地區的年輕樂團,對於他們的音樂已經除了期待之外,更可以形容為按耐不住地等待,音樂只要他們持續做出新的音樂,那麼所有對於他們的批評都只是出自愛之深責之切罷了。

“A Better Life” 總共收錄了12 首歌曲,包含2018年發行的四首單曲 “Animal”、“Us Vs Them”、“The Hum” 以及 “Paranoid”。


Where to buy or listen

Spring King, the four-piece band, released their second album ‘A Better Life’ at the end of the August.

This young band from Macclesfield, England. But who cares where they came from? The most important thing is, how’s their music!

Since 2014, they launched their first single ‘Mumma’, they kept working on what they believe in music and how can they execute their passion. Their hard-working doesn’t work for free. In fact, after their performance at SXSW in 2015. They became radio’s favourite, such as BBC radio1, Beast1…etc. Just want to play their songs. Even though people thought Spring King just another pop-punk band in the beginning. But do you really cares? The reason why people criticised is because they loved them. Therefore, who really give a fxxk, as long as we can keep enjoying their music and they keep making new music, then everything really doesn’t matter.

“A Better Life” is Spring King’s second studio album which has 12 songs, includes four singles “Animal”、“Us Vs Them”、“The Hum” and “Paranoid” since 2018.


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