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九零年代最強女團回歸- 辣妹合唱團 Spice Girls announce 2019 reunion tour

叱吒九零年代的英國最強女子團體終於回來了!辣妹合唱團 (Spice Girls) 終於在官方Instagram 帳號發布了即將在2019年舉辦英國巡迴演唱會的消息;這個消息一出不但癱瘓了各大時裝以及娛樂媒體,更讓這一個大家期待著這個童年回憶裡頭的最強女子團體,到底會在創造出什麼樣的新火花。

辣妹合唱團是由不同個性以及穿著各有特色的五位女子組合而成,而這也是他們當時能夠走紅的一個重要原因之一;其中成員有【寶貝辣妹Baby Spice】艾瑪(Emma Bunton);【嗆辣妹Ginger Spice】潔芮(Geri Hornor)(1998年離團單飛);【猛辣妹Scary Spice】媚兒碧(Mel B);【運動辣妹Sporty Spice】媚兒喜(Melanie C);【高貴辣妹Posh Spice】維多利亞(Victoria Beckham)

雖然這一次的回歸少了高貴辣妹- 維多利亞,但是卻依舊飽受期待!而且在 維多利亞的Instagram 上,他也破除了其中不合的謠言,除了幫忙宣傳巡迴演唱會之外,更為這一次的回歸獻上來自時尚界的祝福。

The full list of shows, supported by Jess Glynne, are:

June 1 - Manchester Etihad Stadium June 3 - Coventry Ricoh Stadium June 6 - Sunderland Stadium of Light June 8 - Edinburgh Murrayfield Stadium June 10 - Bristol Ashton Gate Stadium June 15 - London Wembley Stadium

(Tickets go on sale on Saturday, November 10 at 10.30am.)

The most famous girl's band in 90s finally unveiled their reunion and tour date. Spice Girls posted their #BreakingNews on their official Instagram and announced their huge UK tour in 2019. Undoubtable, their fans went crazy and press from fashion and music were crazier from this actual #BreakingNews.

Spice Girls formed by five girls who own different personalities and styles. In 90s, this marketing strategy is completely edgy but success making these five young girls world-wild famous.

This reunion doesn't include Posh Spice- Victoria Beckham, however, it doesn't mean she abandon this 90s legendary band. Mrs. Beckham posted a message on her Instagram and told everyone even she couldn't make it but #friendshipneverends


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