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  • Dylan Tang

ROMBAUT 春夏2018形象廣告/ ROMBAUT spring/summer'18 Campaign

ROMBAUT 的春夏2018形象廣告依然呈現富有暗示意味的視覺效果,這次推出的2018形象廣告,也是設計師 Mats Rombaut 在同名品牌下推出的第十個系列作品。

這款命名為 BOCCACCIO 的運動鞋,剪裁的外型上看起來非常的厚實甚至有些笨重,但是事實上ROMBAUT所選用的材質卻保有一貫的 “大膽的設計卻不忘對於環境的保護” 作風,使用的都是永續性發展原料。

由於設計師 Mats Rombaut 本人對於地球環境的愛護,因此在製作商品上總是選用沒有經過動物實驗以及無毒生產的面料。

ROMBAUT 由比利時設計師 Mats Rombaut 在2013年成立,目前駐點在法國巴黎經營品牌以及推廣品牌對於地球永續發展的理念。

ROMBAUT's spring/summer 2018 campaign keeps this footwear brand's ironic style, which is controversial. Whether you like it or not, ROMBAUT's campaigns are always eyes catching and force you to follow their steps and makes our environment getting better.

BOCCACCIO sneakers is the 10th collection from Mats Rombaut. Even the silhouette looks clunky but that's what literally happen in this world, especially, the material from BOCCACCIO consistent using sustainably material and that's what Mats Rombaut never giving up in his career.

ROMBAUT founded in 2013 by Belgian designer Mats Rombaut. Since then, Mats is currently based in Paris to building his footwear kingdom and trying to make fashion and environment has a perfect balance.


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