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  • Dylan Tang

Richard Madden, 理想中的男人/ Richard Madden, the man you want to be

Richard Madden 是現在最炙手可熱的英國演員!而且還因為演出了 BBC 影集 Bodyguard (內政保鑣)獲得第七十六屆金球獎戲劇類最佳男主角的殊榮。

Madden 1986年在蘇格蘭出生並且畢業於蘇格蘭皇家音樂戲劇學院(以下稱RSAMD) ,因此擁有硬底子演戲基礎的他總是能夠把每個角色演得活靈活現。

在臺灣,或許他的名字還不是能夠讓大家朗朗上口,但是他的表現卻可是讓人印象深刻;Rob Stark 是他在全球最火熱的影集冰與火之歌中的角色,雖然在這個HBO的影集裡頭他演出的角色並不是主要角色,但是他精湛的演技獲得大眾肯定,並且讓他獲得BBC 的青睞出任 Bodyguards 的主角 David Budd。

在 Bodyguard 中,Richard Madden 飾演著保護首相的保鑣 David Budd ,而這個硬漢角色則是讓他在整個歐美世界中闖盪出響亮的名號;在這一部動作戲劇類影集中Madden 操著濃厚的蘇格蘭口音,並且將鐵漢柔情的角色演的淋漓盡致,而他精湛的演技不但在收視上或者正面的肯定,更在第七十六屆金球獎獲得加冕,成為新科的金球獎戲劇類影帝。

Richard Madden is the most wanted British actor now! And because of the his remarkable performance at the BBC series, Bodyguard, He won the Best Performance by an Actor in a Television in the 76th Golden Globe Awards.

Madden was born in Scotland in 1986 and graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (a.k.a RSAMD), hence his acting skill has a solid foundation. Therefore he has always been able to play every role and make them vivid at once.

In Taiwan, perhaps his name is not catchy enough to everyone, but no doubt his acting is impressed.

Rob Stark is his role in the world's well-known series, Gam of Thrones. Although in this HBO production the role he acted is not the main character, but his exceptional acting skill has been recognised by the audiences, and he has been favoured by the BBC as the leading role of the Bodyguards, David Budd.

In Bodyguard, Richard Madden as known as David Budd, the protector of the Prime Minister. This character has a tough and dynamic personality therefore Budd makes Madden into the popular name throughout the European and American world. Madden is a strong Scottish in this drama and the role is tough but also tenderness whence it standout Madden’s lively performance and his acting skill.

Yet, David Budd succeed Richard Madden’s career with the high ratings and positive affirmation who just won in the 76th Golden Globe Awards, becoming the newest Award-winning actor.


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