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  • Dylan Tang

Prada x Adidas 全球純白限量聯名款/ Prada and Adidas Sneakers Collaboration

義大利時尚豪門品牌 Prada 早有傳出風聲要與德國世界級運動品牌 Adidas 推出聯名系列產品,而現在大家終於等到這一個時尚巨頭們的限量聯名商品!

在這一款全球限量700雙的白色運動鞋中,除了有經典的 Adidas 三葉草外,更在鞋子側邊上印製了符合時尚標準大小的 Prada 字樣,除此之外,身為時裝豪門的Prada 與街頭王者 Adidas 一起推出的運動鞋,當然也要夠明顯地彰顯自己的價值。因此,在 Prada 的字樣下,便壓上了「義大利製造」的字樣,另一側,則是有限量的數字排序。

除了這一雙限量的鞋款外,Prada x Adidas 也推出了白色的皮製托特包,對於這兩個總是與流行文化靠攏的品牌而言,這一個聯名系列的兩項產品基本上已經稱霸了今年所有的聯名系列。這個限量產品在12月4日開始販售。

This year, the rumour is that the Italian fashion house Prada and the German sports brand Adidas will launch a capsule collection, and now everyone finally waited for this limited edition from the fashion giants!

The limited 700 pairs of white sneakers have classic serrated triple-stripe from Adidas, Prada is printed on the side of the shoes in line with the standard size. However, the fashion giant Prada and the king of street Adidas must, of course, show their value. Therefore, under the words, Prada, the "Made in Italy" words are pressed, and on the other side, there is a finite number of numerical ordering.

For this limited-edition, Prada x Adidas also launched a white leather tote bag. The two products in this collaboration are basically dominated all the joint series this year. This limited edition product began to be purchased on December 4.

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