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Nigel Cabourn x Liam Gallagher 聯名系列/ Nigel Cabourn x Liam Gallagher capsule collection

Nigel Cabourn 與英國傳奇歌手 Liam Gallagher 聯手推出了對於雙方都是指摽性商品的聯名「派克大衣」

派克大衣(Pakar) 原本屬於英國軍人在戰場時會穿著的服裝,但是隨著時代改變,現在已經成為許多英國人,甚至是喜歡歷史及音樂的人,鍾愛的單品;Nigel Cabourn 對於歷史一直都情有獨鍾,曾經在2018的春夏推出了關於 西恩福林 的時裝系列,在更之前也推出關於二戰的男性時裝。對於 Cabourn 而言,歷史就是現在人們該好好上的一堂課,而從歷史取得靈感,在加註在時裝上也是這位英國設計師最擅長的手法。

Liam Gallagher 身為前綠洲合唱團的主唱,他近30年的舞台經驗,都與派克大衣脫離不了關係,儘管90年代的傳奇樂團Oasis 已經解散,但是單飛後的兩位靈魂人物也都有不錯的成績。Liam 在2019年也推出了第二張個人專輯《Why Me? Why Not》而專輯封面的Liam 穿的就是派克大衣,可想而知,這位英國樂壇的傳奇歌手,對這一種單品到底有多情有獨鍾。

「派克大衣對我和Liam而言有非常特殊的意義;我已經為這個具有多功能的單品設計了幾十年,而Liam 在舞台上穿著它也有28年。這一次的合作,絕對展示出我們對於設計出的派克大衣有多少熱情與愛。」- Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn 在這個冬天與Liam Gallagher 一起攜手合作,將要讓未來的人們再次審視過去,並且透過對派克大衣的愛,讓全世界的人知道,音樂、歷史、時尚,總是有說不完的淵源。

Nigel Cabourn unveiled his classic design 'Parka' with the legendary British singer Liam Gallagher.

Parka, a sort of cloth belongs to the army, especially for the British army. But time flies, the generation has changed. Parka, now, is the popular choice for people who like history and music. Nigel Cabourn is a designer who adores history, his SS18 collection is about Sean Flynn and his SS17 is for World War 2. Hence, for Cabour, fashion isn't just about clothes there has something must be noticed. Just like history can't be forgotten there must have something to reflect.

Liam Gallagher, the former singer of legendary British band Oasis. After Oasis split, Liam has released two solo albums, the cover of his second studio album 'Why Me? Why Not', Liam just wore Parka. Therefore, that's no other way to explain why Parka can represent Liam and why people say Liam has something for Parka.

“The parka has a special place in both our lives,” says Nigel. “I’ve been designing my own take on this great functional piece of clothing for decades now and Liam has been collecting and wearing parkas on stage for a large part of his 28-year music career. It’s definitely something we’re both passionate about and I think this shows in the parka we’ve produced.”- Nigel Cabourn

This winter, Nigel Cabourn and Liam Gallagher showed to this world how important is Parka. And the most important is, History, Music, Fashion none of them can be disconnected, they belong together.



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