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  • Dylan Tang

Louis Vuitton 秋冬2020形象廣告/ Louis Vuitton AW20 Campaign

法國時裝豪門品牌 Louis Vuitton 推出了 2020 年秋冬男裝形象廣告,並且將主題設定為「天上人間」(Heaven on Earth)的烏托邦概念。

黑色想像(Black Imagination):省思與翻轉長期以來無意間形成的黑人想像,創造並激發符合當代與未來的黑人意識。

攝影師 Tim Walker 這次的攝影概念以雲朵為核心,同步擴展本系列的超現實主義風格。男裝藝術總監Virgil Abloh 則是將自己的童年訂為主題,透過孩童未受汙染的雙眼觀察世界,以雲朵象徵自由、合一與和平。雲朵無拘無束,行動自由自在,誰也無法獨占。雲朵如夢似幻飄在天際,打破國界與信仰隔閡,受到所有世人仰望欣賞。

2020年秋冬系列主題為「天上人間」,彰顯路易威登藝術總監 Virgil Abloh 所代表的核心價值:透過設計作品啟發多元包容,創造超越偏見的夢想世界。本系列以「黑色想像」作為理念底蘊,持續讓更多黑人成為時尚、奢華與其他領域的代表人物。本活動在倫敦拍攝成為各領域創意青年的揮灑平台,包括英國演員 Michael Ward、迦納模特兒 Ottawa Kwami 等。

本系列志在改造西裝的社會意義與傳統服裝規範。Virgil Abloh 鑽研永不褪流行的襯衫西裝青年配搭,重新解放,打破既有剪裁設計的侷限。以窄管造型衝破傳統、奠定成功的強力象徵,脫離品牌舒適圈。扭轉過往世界的服裝規範,改造傳統,擁抱傳統,迎來耳目一新的生活趣味。


French fashion house Louis Vuitton unveiled it's Autumn/Winter 2020 menswear campaign. The utopian idea of ‘Heaven on Earth’ creates the framework for this campaign.

Black Imagination: The transformative process of rethinking and overturning the inherited and often unconscious expectations tied to Black identities through history, and creating an encouraging Black consciousness for the present and the future.

Photographed by Tim Walker, the images widen the collection’s surrealist lens through the metaphorical language of clouds. Applying his ongoing premise of Boyhood – seeing the world through the unspoiled eyes of a child – Men’s Artistic Director Virgil Abloh employs clouds as a symbol of freedom, unity and peace. Evading constraint, territory and possession, they are dreamlike bodies floating across a sky observed universally across borders and beliefs.

The title of the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, ‘Heaven on Earth’ is an image of the core values embodied by Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton: a dream world that transcends prejudice as an objective to inspire inclusivity and unity-in-diversity through his work. It is underpinned by the overarching philosophy of Black Imagination and the continual imbuement of Black representation within fashion, luxury and beyond.

Shot in London, the campaign lends its platform to young creative talent from across the arts, featuring the likes of British actor Michael Ward and Ghanaian model Ottawa Kwami as part of its cast.

The collection studies the anthropology of the suit and the reprogramming of traditional dress codes. Virgil Abloh investigates the lifelong relationship formed by adolescent and young men with shirting and suiting in a material and figurative exercise in freedom, presented within the familiar constrictions of tailoring. The firm symbol of convention, trade and success, the tapered silhouette departs its corporate comfort zone. Twisted and turned, the dress codes of an old world are neutralised, re-appropriated and embraced for a progressive joie de vivre.


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