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Louis Vuitton 2017秋冬形象廣告/ Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter'17 Campaign

法國時裝品牌 Louis Vuitton 推出了最新的秋冬形象廣告;

這個廣告以 “Friends and Heroes” 為主題,拍攝出關於七零、八零以及九零年代初期的藝術家氛圍;那個時代的藝術家包含了Jean-Michel Basquiat、Julian Schnabel、Keith Haring、 Robert Mapplethorpe 和 Andy Warhol。

創意總監Kim Jones 找來了 Steven Meisel 擔任攝影師並且由造型師 Alister Mackie 為整支廣告打理出最適合的視覺效果。

French fashion house unveiled 2017 autumn/winter menswear campaign.

This campaign has titled 'Friends and Heroes' , it's all about seventies, eighties and early nighties' artists vibes. It includes artists Jean-Michel Basquiat、Julian Schnabel、Keith Haring、 Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol.

Artistic director Kim Jones' fashion universe has completed with photographer Steven Meisel ands stylist Alister Mackie.


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