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  • Dylan Tang

L’INSANE 最新春夏形象廣告/ L’INSANE’s latest campaign

巴黎選物店 L’INSANE 推出了最新的形象廣告,在這一支形象廣告中,L’INSANE 找來了藝術表演者 Jack Powers 當任主要視覺,在Jack 的精彩演出下 L’INSANE 的最新形象廣告不僅維持著品牌堅持的 “無性別障礙” 的理念外,更帶出 2019春夏最不一樣的色彩。

這一次 L’INSANE 的廣告由攝影師 Brendan Jo. 拍攝。

L'INSANE, the Parisian selection stop, launched their latest campaign. In this campaign, L'INSANE featured the art performer Jack Powers as the main visual, alongside with Jack's remarkable performance, this campaign isn’t only maintains the brand's adherence “Our clothes don't fit in gender boundaries. That's why we don't have categories by sex.”, but also stands out what colour people are looking for in this spring/summer 2019.

This time L’INSANE's campaign was shot by photographer Brendan Jo.



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