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  • Dylan Tang

融合語言 中國李寧推出秋冬2021形象廣告/ LI-NING announces Communication AW21 Campaign






Li-Ning's Autumn Winter 2021 collection examines the processes behind decay and de/reconstruction, art's healing power, and the birth and death of distinct, creative eras.

True to its own aesthetic and surveying its own design archive in the process Li-Ning expresses these themes in ways both overt and subtle, imagining apparel and footwear silhouettes that not only revisit but also remodel, remix, recreate and reshape the past and subsequently, the future of Li-Ning.

The collection mixes references from classical Chinese garment design and modern pop-culture moments to multiple revolutionary creative movements of the past fifty years.

Elements clash as street culture, Chinese mythology, and Western design history, 70s Punk and 80s New Wave, are collaged into pieces that are wholly new. Yet rather than being lost or obscured, these disparate references remain in constant dialog with one another.

The accompanying communication campaign is inspired by Mr. Li-Ning himself and by the era in which he was starting out as an athlete, with references taken from old imagery from the Olympics press archives. With the campaign Li-Ning creates a timeless, always relevant and effortless look supported by a cast celebrating different types of beauties from different eras.


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