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  • Dylan Tang

Krammer & Stoudt 2018春夏男裝系列/ Krammer & Stoudt Spring/Summer 2018

Krammer & Stoudt 在紐約時裝週推出了最新的2018春夏男裝系列

這一次的2018春夏男裝,設計師 Michael Rubin 依舊將擅長的風格帶入這個系列裡頭;將美國西岸衝浪的優雅以及東岸的摩登都會結合,成為了這一次的最新系列

Krammer & Stoudt unveiled Spring/Summer 2018 menswear collection in New York Fashion Week

This season, designer Michael Rubin, compound East Coast and West Coast, build a style with West surfing and East modern.


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