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  • Dylan Tang

Kent & Curwen autumn/winter'18 collection: 'The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician'(

Kent & Curwen, the only British fashion brand which always surprise every single person in London Fashion week. This season, they didn't just present their 2018 autumn/winter menswear collection, in addition, they were also visualise their noble manner and respectable colour.

Autumn/Winter 2018 Menswear collection by Kent & Curwen used a significant way to showcase their latest designs. They collaborated with award winning photographer, Perry Ogden, produced 34 individual and group portraits at 15 Floral Street, London. Through these still photography, you could clearly seen the details of Kent & Curwen's AW18 collection and completely indulge in the British atmosphere. However, interestingly, these models are 'The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician'.

'The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician' is the theme of Kent & Curwen's 2018 autumn/winter menswear. The idea was from the heritage of Kent & Curwen when they were founded in 20s. Due to this venerable brand has touched the lives of sportsmen, aristocrats and celebrities since 1920's, this British label has titled 'The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician' for their AW18 collection.

According to this season was so special, Creative director, Daniel Kearns says ‘I saw it as such a natural fit to work with Perry for this season. As a master of documenting British culture he is the perfect person to capture the evolution of Kent & Curwen. There is an honesty and a toughness in his work that resonates strongly with what we stand for.’

(Exclusive interview with Daniel Kearns and Perry Ogden will be in our issue04 on 1st February)

Kent & Curwen partner David Beckham said “I’ve always respected Perry’s work and he really has captured the essence of the brand in a powerful way. The idea of preparation strikes a chord with me personally as that has always been a key characteristic of my career - and Perry has managed to capture those moments in his brilliant film”.

Most importantly, the keyman of this show, photographer Perry Ogden said “It’s been a great experience working with the team at Kent and Curwen and especially with the creative director, Daniel Kearns. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of creating a new way of showcasing the collection, and photographing the clothes on people from all walks of life including artists, models, musicians, boxers and footballers. In my work I always seek to mix the real world with the aspirational world of fashion. And this Kent & Curwen collection – with its blend of old school British and the now – lends itself perfectly to this approach.”

Kent & Curwen just like a British Gentleman, He looks like refined and courteous, also full of wisdom when they are talking and presenting. You will never known what's his next plan or what he's going to do, because everything in his mind are unpredictable. Only Kent & Curwen knows what will happened in the future.

Photographed by Pretty Ogden/ Kent & Curwen


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