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【Interview】Yun Lu, The Diamond We Want in the Gen Z/ Z世代崛起 呂允將在新世代稱霸音樂界

Every generation has a different way of performing, especially in the entertainment industry. Just the three major categories of singer, actor, and host can show the differences of each age. At the beginning of 2019, singer Yun Lu began to gain attention by uploading his creations to digital platforms. This musician born in 2000 not only has a warm voice, but also is loved by the Internet generation because of his humorous personality. In addition to music, his performances are not limited to the stage, but he uses the power of the new era to spread all over the world.

呂允 Fashion by Lacoste
Fashion by Lacoste

TEAM EAR MUSIC seldom signs new singers, but since last year, there has been a gossip in the industry, "Did you know? TEAM EAR MUSIC seems to have signed a new singer!" This year, on April 7, the gossip was revealed to everyone.

The Way I Miss You is Yun Lu's first physical record. Usually singers would be very excited when they get their first physical record, but he laughed and said that he felt very naked when he got the record. "When I got it, I felt quite naked, because my face was very big, and then it was physical." But had he shared it with his family when he got the physical CD? He said "I showed the prototype to my family before it was finished." I kept asking ‘Would you feel shy when you and your family listen together?” He answered "I didn't have this kind of feeling, in fact, in the early stage of my creation, we would listen to the song I just finished, and then I would ask them, "Does it sound good?" "Do you have any ideas?" So we are pretty used to it."

呂允 Shirt, Tank Top, Jeans by KENZO/ Shoes by Christian Louboutin
Shirt, Tank Top, Jeans by KENZO/ Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Be Brave to Be Your Own Generation Z

Yun Lu is experiencing many firsts in his life, such as signing autographs for fans for the first time, taking fashion photos with magazines for the first time, discussing music with musicians he likes for the first time, and preparing for his official debut album for the first time. Many things are waiting for this creator from Generation Z.

During the interview, I asked Yun Lu "How do you feel about fans calling you husband?" He smiled shyly and said, "I think they don’t need to call me husband. I think ‘just look at me rationally’, and don’t have this mentality of ‘love brain’. Because the feeling of ‘love brain’ is also a very internal friction. For example, if there is a female singer I like, and then suddenly she gets married, then I would start to suffer for a long time (laughs) "Although it was just a joke during the interview, from Yun Lu's answer, people unexpectedly found that he tried his best to meet the needs of fans, whether it was creatively or psychologically, he tried his best to give consideration to both.

The dialogue between him and fans may be like Yun Lu's interpretation of the characteristics of Generation Z. "Nowadays, people at this age speak very directly, and they aren’t afraid of offending others. Although I am a person who is afraid of offending others, I just exclude those who speak out loud. They are all brave enough to be themselves, and to be very true to themselves.”

呂允 Fashion by Eighty-Nine Ninety
Fashion by Eighty-Nine Ninety

I Am a Professional Musician

Yun Lu has released four singles and can be streamed online. For me, none of his four songs are quite the same in emotion or in the way he performs them. But I believe that no matter how old they are, all creators must have a period without creativity. I asked Yun Lu if he had been in a similar situation when he was creating? He said "I was not in a good state at that time, but I remember my boss Tiger Chung told me 'For us, when we make music, we don't create by inspiration, because we are professionals, so we shouldn't have the period of not having creativity.’ I heard and sorted out what he said, and I found that, in fact, if you want me to create now, I will definitely do it. It's just whether this thing will meet my standards. So as long as I sit down, I must be able to write something."

Yun Lu's enthusiasm and professional attitude towards music have surpassed those of his peers, and even in his words, his self-confidence is even more admirable. "Because you must have confidence, so that you will not disappoint everyone." Yun Lu said.

呂允 Fashion by Lacoste
Fashion by Lacoste

Bravely Speak Out Your Feelings

Yun Lu, who has finished the tour, is currently back in the studio starting to prepare for the upcoming release plan. For a singer, Yun Lu has basically experienced everything that should happen on the road to success. Whether it is the release of physical CDs, the influx of fans during concerts, or the tour performances, all seats are full. The 23-year-old artist is looking forward to his official debut album.

However, being famous is like being illuminated by a sun, you have a bright side and a shadow in the dark. Did anyone seeing Yun Lu's efforts believe he is not serious enough? He said "I believe that some people will think, 'Am I just having fun? Am I just playing?’ But this instead motivates me to practice more, perform more, and then use performance to share what I want to share. Regardless of whether it is my thoughts on a thing, or my thoughts on my music itself, if I can connect to myself, then my understanding of some things will have the best results.”

呂允 Fashion by  KENZO
Fashion by KENZO

After listening to Yun Lu's answer, I told him, "You are super positive!" He replied with a smile, "I remember asking Crowd Lu 'Don't you feel tired of singing the same song repeatedly?’ He told me ‘You have to learn to create happiness, because happiness can be created.’ After listening to this, I felt: I just need to change my mind and find the joy in it.”

At the end of the interview, I asked Yun Lu what he thinks about Show and Tell? He said "The literal interpretation of Show and Tell is ‘Show is doing and presenting, and then Tell is speaking it out.’ However, for me, Show and Tell is showing what you want to everyone, and then saying what you want to say, and expressing the truest feelings from the bottom of your heart.”

呂允 Full Look by KENZO
Full Look by KENZO




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